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Marcato Pasta Fresca Electric Pasta Maker PF-220V-ENG

£ 399.99

Fully automatic electric pasta machine.
Mixes, kneads and cuts shapes.
Perfect pasta dough in just 3 minutes.
For lasagne, fettuccine and tagliolini.
Can mix bread and biscuit dough too .
31 x 15.5 x 21cm H. 170W.

Marcato Pasta Fresca Electric Pasta Maker PF-220V-ENG

Product number: 63494

If you love the taste of fresh, home-made pasta but making it by hand seems a bit too much like hard work, you need Marcato’s Pasta Fresca Electric Pasta Maker. A fab gift for pasta lovers or serious foodies, it does all the mixing, kneading and cutting for you, turning out perfect pasta in far less time and with much less effort.

What you get

  • Marcato electric pasta maker – easy to control with a simple on/off button and pulse button, the large mixing compartment with a mixing paddle has been designed to imitate the movements of kneading by hand. The transparent lid lets you constantly check the texture of your dough and add more wet or dry ingredients if needed.
  • Lasagne accessory – attaches to the side of the pasta maker, rolling and turning dough into pasta sheets.
  • Fettuccine accessory – rolls and cuts pasta sheets into long, flat ribbons.
  • Tagliolini accessory – rolls and cuts pasta sheets into long, thin strands.
  • Recipe booklet.

Fully automatic mixing

Turning out up to 750g of perfectly kneaded dough in just 3 minutes, the mixing paddle ensures that the ingredients are mixed evenly and thoroughly, and it’s so easy to use. All you need to do is place your ingredients in the mixer – pressing the Marcato button on the front releases the lid – and turn it on. In no time at all you’ll have perfectly mixed, elastic, smooth dough, which the accessories can then cut into three different pasta shapes.

Home-made fresh pasta…

It’s never been easier to create fresh home-made pasta and you can even make your own personalised flavours. You could try using different flours, such as wholewheat, durum or spelt, and you can add colour and flavour by adding carrot, beetroot, spinach and other vegetable juices.

…and more

Although it’s been designed to make pasta dough, you could also use it to knead dough for bread, pizza – even cookies. Just keep a close eye on your mix through the window, and use the pulse button if it needs a little extra mixing boost.

Compact size

A great addition to any kitchen, it takes up very little room on your worktop, and it also fits neatly into a cupboard when not in use.

Model No. PF-220V-ENG

31 x 15.5 x 21cm H. 7kg. Flex 180cm. 170W.


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Useful documents

  • description Instructions (PDF)

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