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Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker Machine Chromed Steel

£ 71.99

Genuine Italian pasta machine with 10 year manufacturers guarantee. Comes with instructional recipe book. The easiest way to make authentic pasta.

Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker Machine Chromed Steel

Product number: 26158

Italians have a well-earned reputation for their twin loves of family and cookery, and the authentic, all-Italian Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Machine is a brilliant piece of kit that is sure to please anyone who loves to cook in the Mediterranean way, with fresh ingredients and a passion for food.

With rollers that have been carefully engineered from food-grade anodised aluminium alloy, every sheet or strand of pasta that you make will have an imperceptibly roughened, porous surface that helps the pasta hold onto sauce, while five international patents ensure that every element of the machine works as efficiently as you could wish.

Easy to use

The ultra-functional Atlas has rubber non-slip feet, a fixing clamp for stability and a carefully engineered crank handle – just clamp it to your worktop or kitchen table, insert the crank handle to the main roller mechanism and it’s ready to go. You just need to make the best variety of pasta dough to suit the sauce you’ve planned for supper… The helpful instruction book holds super-simple recipes for at least four basic varieties, including a gluten-free version, and there are four simple ways to colour your pasta too.

10 thickness settings

When your pasta dough is ready, turn the easy-to-adjust dial to zero and run a fist-sized piece of dough through. Once you’ve achieved a nice oblong shape (5 or 6 runs through at grade 0), you can start to turn the knob at every run through – stretching and thinning the pasta until it’s reached the thickness you need.

Pasta sheets, fettucine and tagliolini

Whether you’re making sheet pasta for assembling a lasagne, carefully constructing tasty ravioli parcels, twisting your own little cappaletti or tortellini, or creating cannelloni tubes to be filled and smothered in sauce, you’ll find it so much less hassle with the Atlas 150 to help. And for days when only a multi-stranded pasta dish will do, this pasta machine comes with a dual cutting roller that can cut your just-made sheets into fettucine or tagliolini.

Pasta sheets can be up to 15cm (6″) wide, fettucine and tagliolini strands are cut 6.5mm or 1.5mm wide respectively.

If you use the pasta straight away, remember that fresh pasta takes as little as 2 minutes to cook in boiling water – but, if you wish, you can dry the pasta (in bundles or strands) and keep it in an airtight jar for up to a month.

Easy to clean

The cutting rollers have removable polymeric resin ‘combs’ to help you clean off any scraps of dough and a quick brush or wipe over will remove all traces of flour and pasta dough from the flat rollers.


More than a dozen Marcato accessories are available to expand your pasta-making repertoire, with a choice of additional cutting rollers and even a powered motor that just ‘plugs in’ to do the winding for you in place of the crank handle.

10-year manufacturers guarantee.

About Marcato

Otello Marcato wanted to share his passion for pasta and make it easier for home cooks to create home-made pasta so, in 1930, he designed, created and sold one of the very first home pasta rollers – made in the shed behind his house in Padua. Following its success, he created a factory in place of his humble shed – on a site that’s still in use today under his grandson Giacomo’s management – and their Atlas 150 Pasta Machine has remained almost unchanged since 1965! And, in case you’re in any doubt as to when yours was created, every single machine is stamped with its year of manufacture on the base.

Marcato cover any manufacturing defects for up to 8 years after a products creation.

Product dimensions

21 x 20 x 15.5cm H. Rollers 15cm W. 2.74kg.

Useful documents

  • description Instructions (PDF)

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