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Magic Non-Stick Oven Shelf Liner 41 x 35cm

£ 14.99

Magic Oven Liner Shelf slides easily onto shelf runners & keeps spills & stains off your oven floor. Easy to clean non-stick. Heat-resistant to 260°C. Extends to 49cm W.

Magic Non-Stick Oven Shelf Liner 41 x 35cm

Product number: 71116

Scrubbing burnt-on spills off the oven floor is time-consuming and hard work. Put an end to all that effort with Magic Oven Liner Shelf – perfect for ovens where the heating element is in the base.

Made from the same PTFE-coated, non-stick material as our bestselling and Good Housekeeping Institute-approved Magic Oven Liner, its stainless steel frame slides easily either way up onto your shelf runners, creating a non-stick barrier that catches all the bubbled-over food and splashes from above to keep your oven floor clean. Extending widthways to fit ovens up to 49cm wide, it can be used again and again and the liner can be easily slipped off the frame for cleaning.

Superior quality

While cheaper imitations can be found, ours remains the original and the best: it’s oven safe up to 260°C, and made from a heavier-weight fabric with a superior non-stick to withstand up to 5 years of constant use. Our liner will save you money as you won’t need to replace it as often, not to mention the additional money you’ll save on oven-cleaning products.

Burnt-on food just slides off

This heavy-duty shelf is coated with a thick layer of non-stick, meaning even stubborn spills and baked-on grime simply slide off – believe us, we have really put it to the test! Even burnt-on cheese, which can take hours of scrubbing to remove, will glide off with ease, so you can cook your shepherd’s pie and pizzas without the dread of an arduous clean-up at the end of it. Once the oven has cooled down, simply remove the shelf from your oven and rinse under the tap, and any burnt-on food will just wipe away.


Because the non-stick properties of the non-stick liner are so good and it’s supported by the sturdy frame, it can double as an extra baking tray, making it perfect for baking cookies and pastries, with anything that you bake sliding off with ease – no more losing the bottoms off your sausage rolls!

Dishwasher safe

Just as you thought this product couldn’t get any better, it’s dishwasher safe too, so you can remove your oven liner shelf (once cooled), slip off the liner and pop it straight in the dishwasher for a fuss-free, time-saving clean-up.


  • Oven safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Dishwasher safe

Product dimensions

41.5 x 35.5cm – extends to fit ovens up to 49cm W.


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