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madesmart Drying Stone Dishrack

£ 34.99

Sleek dish rack with 8 plate slots.
4 deep compartments for cutlery.
Extra stone mat for cups and glasses.
Mats quickly soak up excess water.
Part of the Drying Stone range.
37 x 22 x 10cm H.

madesmart Drying Stone Dishrack

Product number: 62962

No draining board? No problem. madesmart’s Drying Stone Dishrack has two in-built natural stone mats that soak up water incredibly quickly, helping to dry your dishes faster, more hygienically, and keep your countertops completely dry too.

Dedicated space for all your dishes

There are four deep compartments at one end, perfect for separating out knives, forks, spoons and utensils. Eight slots take cake of plates, and the flat stone mat at the other end is perfect for cups and glasses. And it’s that flat stone mat – and the one under the rest of the rack – that soak up any drips, splashes and water rings, making them vanish as if by magic…

Mats quickly soak up excess water

The ‘magic’ ingredient in the Drying Stone mats is diatomite, a highly porous natural material that quickly absorbs any liquid that comes into contact with it. Once absorbed, the water rapidly evaporates from the stones, so their surfaces stay dry to the touch rather than getting waterlogged. The speed at which they ‘suck’ water up also helps to eliminate any germs and bacteria left on your dishes, and stops moisture leaking out over your work surfaces.

Easy to clean

The Drying Stones are easy to remove from the non-slip plastic base when they need a clean – there are full instructions on the packaging – and they can either be washed by hand or popped in the dishwasher before being placed outside in the sun to help them dry.

About diatomite

A soft, highly porous rock, mostly made up from the tiny fossils of single-celled algae called diatoms, super-absorbent diatomite has also been used to filter water, beer and wine; as a very mild abrasive in toothpaste and metal polish; an anti-caking agent; a growing medium for potted plants (especially bonsai); in cat litter; and even in dynamite.

37 x 22 x 10cm H.


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