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Looftlighter Hot Air Barbecue Lighter BA131730

£ 59.99

Light your barbecue in minutes.
No firelighters or lighter fluid needed.
Blows a stream of 600°C air.
Use on log burners and fireplaces too.
Safety casing cools in seconds.
45cm long, 1800W.

Looftlighter Hot Air Barbecue Lighter BA131730

Product number: 62702

Once you’ve got it going, a barbecue is a wondrous thing, but getting it going in the first place can be a long and arduous task, especially on a windy day. The Looftlighter takes all that effort away, sending out a stream of 600°C air to light charcoal or wood in minutes without the need for firelighters or lighter fluid, which makes it more environmentally friendly too. Not just for barbecues, the Looftlighter also makes light work of lighting open fireplaces, wood burners and fire pits, perfect for cosy nights in or when you’re out and about in your motorhome.

Chemical-free lighting

One of the reasons we all love a barbecue is the lovely charcoal taste your meat or veggies are infused with, but the chemical taste of firelighters or lighter fluid isn’t quite so pleasant. Even if you can’t taste it, just the thought of those strong chemicals on your food is enough to put you off. As the Looftlighter uses only hot air to fire up your barbecue, you can enjoy your food without the nasty chemicals.

How to use in barbecues

  • Touch your pile of charcoal with the tip of the Looftlighter, press the button and hold for 30 seconds until you start to see sparks.
  • Move the end of the Looftlighter slightly further away while still aiming the stream of air at the charcoal for a further 60 seconds – this will help to circulate the hot air.
  • Once the barbecue is lit, you can keep blowing the hot air over the coals to turn them white sooner, reducing the waiting time for cooking.

How to use in log burners and fireplaces

As invaluable in the winter as it is in the summer barbecue season, the Looftlighter is great for starting a fire in your wood-burning stove or open fireplace.

  • Start by blowing hot air from the Looftlighter up the chimney for around 30 seconds to get the draught going and reduce the amount of smoke released into your room once you’ve lit your fire.
  • Place some paper in between the logs, then place the Looftlighter close to the paper and turn it on.
  • Once the paper has ignited, move the Looftlighter further away but keep aiming at the same spot for 60 seconds or until you have a good fire established.

Safety features

Although it blows out incredibly hot air, the aluminium heat shield keeps you safe and ensures the Looftlighter is cool enough to touch in a matter of seconds, making it safe to store right away.
The Looftlighter also features an auto shut-off function, so the second you remove your finger from the button, it stops blowing hot air, so there’s no danger of dropping it on the ground while it’s still running.

Easy to store

The handy stand means you can keep the Looftlighter safely elevated, and you can hang it up too. The icing on the cake? The stand also doubles up as a bottle opener, making you the ultimate barbecue host, serving up drinks and delicious barbecue fare at the same time.


Made from high-quality EVA plastic and stainless steel, the Looftlighter is corrosion-resistant, non-stick and easy to clean, so it’ll see you through many barbecues and cosy winter nights.

Product dimensions

45cm L. Flex 3m. 1800W.


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