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LoofCo Egyptian Loofah Eco Bathroom Cleaning Pad

£ 3.99

Made from Egyptian loofah plant.
100% biodegradable.
Robust material targets stubborn marks.
Reusable and machine washable.
11 x 2 x 20cm H.

LoofCo Egyptian Loofah Eco Bathroom Cleaning Pad

Product number: 46392

Ditch those flimsy sponges and worn-out scrubbing tools and get your bathroom sparkling with the LoofCo Bathroom Cleaning Pad. Made from Egyptian Loofah, this eco-friendly cleaning pad contains many natural scrubby fibres that help tackle stubborn stains. Designed to be used again and again, it’s the perfect bathroom cleaning companion.

Made naturally

Created from loofah and cotton, this sponge is naturally plant-based making it an excellent eco alternative to your average plastic sponges and cleaning pads. Did you know the loofah plant is also a quick growing vine that absorbs CO₂ as it grows? So, not only does this little eco-warrior target grubby stains but also helps to reduce your carbon footprint too.

Easy to use

When absorbed in water, the LoofCo Bathroom Cleaning Pad swells up and becomes spongy and flexible, so it’s able to get into those tricky areas where dirt and grime builds. Its tough double layer of loofah is perfect for cleaning baths, shower trays, sinks and tiles just as effectively as its plastic and nylon alternatives.

Long lasting

Unlike your flimsy plastic sponges that are prone to splitting, each loofah pad will last for months when handled with care. To keep it fresh and help it last as long as possible, rinse thoroughly after each use, squeeze out excess water, shake to remove any trapped particles and then hang it up to dry from the cotton string loop. You pad can also be machine washed on occasion too. Reducing waste in the home and great value for money– using a LoofCo Bathroom Cleaning Pad is a win-win.

Product dimensions

11 x 20cm


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