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LifeStraw Home Complete Filter Pack

£ 18.99

Replacement filter set for LifeStraw Home.
Purify tap water.
Includes 2 filters.
1 Membrane Microfilter.
1 Activated Carbon + Ion Exchange Filter.
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LifeStraw Home Complete Filter Pack

Product number: 26488

Removing bacteria, parasites, microplastics, heavy metals and chemicals from tap water, this Complete Filter Pack contains a full set of replacement filters for the LifeStraw Home Water Filter Carafe, with one Membrane Microfilter and one Activated Carbon + Ion Exchange Replacement Filter.

LifeStraw Membrane Microfilter

With a micron pore size of 0.2, this special membrane removes 99.9% of bacteria including E. coli, 99.9% of parasites, 99.9% of microplastics and turbidity (silt, sand, and cloudiness). It will filter up to 1000 litres of water (lasting approximately 1 year) before it needs to be replaced.

LifeStraw Activated Carbon + Ion Exchange Filter

The activated carbon technology in this clever filter reduces chlorine and bad odours for an improved taste, as well as reducing organic chemical matter such as pesticides and herbicides. It also features ion exchange technology, which reduces heavy metals including lead, mercury, chromium III, cadmium and copper. This long lasting filter will filter up 150 litres of water (lasting approximately 2 months) before it needs replacing.


About LifeStraw

LifeStraw water filters, made by the Swiss company Vestergaard, convert contaminated water into clean, safe drinking water, making them a vital tool for some of the 780 million people who don’t have ready access to uncontaminated water. Designed to be used by one person, the original LifeStraw is a plastic straw with a water filter inside which allows you to drink straight from rivers by filtering out all the nasties, leaving you with safe, clean water. LifeStraw offers specific water filter products for international health and development in developing countries, as well as consumer products for outdoor recreation, travel and daily hydration.


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