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Lékué Microwave Cookware Red Silicone Omelette Maker

£ 14.99

Cook perfect omelettes in 2 minutes! Lékué Microwave Omelette Maker’s double sided design ensures both sides are evenly cooked & omelettes pop out with ease.

Lékué Microwave Cookware Red Silicone Omelette Maker

Product number: 18401

There’s nothing quicker than eggs for a healthy lunch or speedy supper, and with Lékué’s Microwave Omelette Maker, it’s never been easier or more convenient. This silicone omelette sensation is designed for ease of use, perfectly cooking your eggs to have them ready in just 2 or 3 minutes with the minimum of effort.

The clever double-sided design ensures both sides of your omelette are cooked to perfection at the same time, for a fluffy feast that pops out with ease, and no flipping required. There’s no wrestling with a fish slice trying to flip your omelette over without it breaking up.

You could just make a plain, classic omelette, and it’ll be ready in a couple of minutes. For something more substantial, you can cook all sorts of fillings in the silicone mould in your microwave before adding your eggs. Let your imagination run wild – from the classic cheese omelette to spinach and mushrooms, finished with a sprinkling of chilli flakes. Peppers, onions, ham, chorizo – there’s no end to the ways you can spice up supper with Lékué’s microwave marvel.

Because it’s made from flexible silicone, your finished omelette will be released easily, and the silicone construction also means there’s no need for greasing, so your supper can be that little bit healthier. And when you’ve finished, it can go straight in the dishwasher for fuss-free cleaning.

Includes a leaflet with recipe suggestions for inspiration.

About Lékué’s Microwave range

Your microwave is capable of so much more than just heating up ready meals or defrosting meat. Offering a fast, convenient way to cook your food, microwaving retains nutrients and flavour so not only will your food be ready quicker, as it’s cooked in its own juices it’ll be tastier too. With Lékué’s easy-to-use range you can whip up everything from corn-on-the-cob to veggie noodles to a whole, succulent chicken in just 20 minutes. Each product in this innovative range comes with recipes to help you get cooking.

About Lékué

Barcelona-based Lékué offer innovative and creative solutions to make eating a healthy, balanced diet easy and enjoyable. Embracing new materials and the latest in technology, they attempt to inspire people to cook in different ways, simplifying the process and using food to cultivate a happy and optimistic attitude towards life in general. With their clever designs, Lékué ensure you get the most out of your oven and microwave – whether it’s steaming rice, making your own bagels and bread, or even cooking a chicken in twenty minutes in the microwave.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Oven safe
  • Freezer safe

Product dimensions

23 x 10 x 4cm H. (9″ x 4″ x 1½”).

Useful documents

  • description Omelette Maker Recipes (PDF)
  • description Omelette Maker Instructions (PDF)

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