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Leifheit Linomatic 500 Deluxe Rotary Airer with Cover

£ 149.99

Easy to store with a protective cover, the Leifheit Linomatic 500 Deluxe Rotary Airer has a 50m drying space and washing line, perfect for outdoor drying.

Leifheit Linomatic 500 Deluxe Rotary Airer with Cover

Product number: 53330

Washing freshly dried on the line – you can’t beat it. And you can’t beat a rotary airer for getting the job done on those days when the sun is shining, especially when it’s the feature-packed Leifheit Linomatic Deluxe 500 DeluxeRotary Airer. It’s easy to put up, holds loads of washing, has handy hanger hooks, the lines store inside the arms when it’s not in use, and it comes with a protective cover to keep it safe from the elements.

Simple to open

The Easy Lift Pull-Cord opening system is designed to make opening up your rotary airer simplicity itself – just pull the toggle grip and the arms go up, releasing the self-tensioning washing lines from within. Once they’ve reached full extension, the toggle and cord will retract automatically (and safely) back into the post so there’s no risk of getting the pull-cord tangled around washing as it dries in the breeze.

Long arms

Created with four long arms, the lines of this square airer are further apart than on most rotary washing lines – so there’s more space in between your rows of washing for air to circulate and carry the moisture away. And, of course, like all rotary airers, just spin the Linomatic as you hang items and you’ll find there’s no need to keep shifting your laundry basket from place to place.

50m washing line

With room to hang several loads of washing, at the widest point there’s space to hang a full size bedsheet or duvet cover. Strongly woven from polyester, the washing line cord will serve you well for years to come.

4 coat hanger Loops

There’s a hook at the end of each arm to hold a coat hanger for easy crease-free drying of your shirts and blouses.

Retracting lines

Clean, tidy, safe and tangle free, the long lines of the Linomatic automatically retract, disappearing inside the arms when you close the airer so they stay clean and cobweb free, as well as ensuring that your children, pets and local wildlife won’t be tempted to get entangled.

Easy To Close

The Linomatic has an easy-release button on the central collar, so you can fold the airer away without fuss or effort. When all the laundry’s dry and taken indoors, this clever rotary airer closes up into a safe, self-contained post with no dangling cords to get tangled or dirty, and the arms stay snugly together close to the pole, so there’s no flapping and banging about in the breeze.

Rust-Proof Aluminium

Sturdily constructed from aluminium to be weatherproof, you’ll never have to worry about rust spots appearing on drying garments and linen as there’s no paint or galvanized coating to get scratched or wear off. In addition, it’s incredibly lightweight to carry, making it easy to lift and store away.

Comes with a bespoke ground socket that can be concreted into the ground to create a secure base for your washing line.

About Leifheit

Specialising in innovative solutions to help you get your housework done quickly and easily, German company Leifheit’s range of products are designed to give exceptional results after every use. Whether you’re ironing your clothes, mopping the floors, or just having a general spring clean, Leifheit products are sure to make it that little bit easier.

Turning circle approx. 3.3 metre Dia. 50m hanging space. Outermost line 170cm H. 6.2kg.


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