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Lattice Pastry Rollers – Set of 2

£ 9.99

2 sizes of lattice pastry cutter.
One large and one small.
Easily creates a criss-cross effect.
For all kinds of pie and tart.
BPA-free plastic.
7 and 12cm wide.

Lattice Pastry Rollers – Set of 2

Product number: 32474

Forget all the usual fiddly cutting of pastry into thin strips and then individually overlapping them onto the top of your pie to get that eye-catching, guest-pleasing rustic lattice effect. Arm yourself with this made-for-the-job set of Lattice Pastry Rollers (one for large pies and one for smaller pies) and you can have it done in seconds with no fuss, no waste and no swearing. It’s as easy as, well, pie – sorry.

All you have to do to give your sweet pies, savoury pies, mince pies and tarts a wow-inducing, professional-looking finish is to roll out your pastry onto a well-floured surface and roll one of the sturdy plastic cutters over the pastry to cut out the criss-cross effect. Carefully tease the criss-crosses apart, gently roll up your design onto a rolling pin and transfer the pastry to the top of your pie.

Made from robust BPA-free plastic.

Small 19 x 7 x 4.5cm. Large 20 x 12 x 4.5cm.


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