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Kleensmart Easy Sweep Broom

£ 19.99

No need for a separate dustpan.
Sweeps up and stores dirt.
Easy to empty into a bin.
Wide head and telescopic handle.
Runs on 3 x AA batteries – batteries included.

Kleensmart Easy Sweep Broom

Product number: 46370

A broom that picks up all the dirt, so you don’t have to use a dustpan and brush as well? Yes please! Somewhere between a ‘normal’ broom and a carpet sweeper, this battery-powered Easy Sweep Broom is like no broom we’ve seen before (and we’ve seen lots), taking all the crouching and stooping out of sweeping up, and saving you all that time getting yet more cleaning equipment out of the cupboard and putting it away again.

How it works

Once you’ve brushed the floor and gathered your dirt pile, run the ‘collecting’ end of the head over the pile, pressing down so the red smart switch presses against the floor – the pressure-activated sweeper brush on the side will suck up the dirt into an easy-to-empty dust container. Then just take the broom to your bin, press the tabs on the head inwards and slide the brush head to one side to release any dirt straight into the bin. That’s it – there’s no need to drag out your dustpan and brush as well, so you’ll be able to sweep up in a jiffy.

Its wide head and main sweeping bristles makes it perfect for quick run-rounds after meals, or to tidy up the kitchen floor from anything that might have ended up on it after cooking or baking sessions. And the extra-strong handle is telescopic, so you can fix it at a height that’s right for you, and which also makes it easier to store.

Runs on 3 AA batteries, which are only in use when it’s sucking up the dirt, so they can last for up to 3 months. Batteries are included.

Head 40cm wide. Telescopic handle extends from 62 to 116.5cm.


  • Batteries included

Useful documents

  • description Instructions (PDF)

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