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Kitchencraft Classic Butterfly Can Opener

£ 1.99

Traditional tin opener.
Rotary butterfly wing mechanism.
Stainless steel.
With a hardened steel blade.
Also opens crown top bottles.

Kitchencraft Classic Butterfly Can Opener

Product number: 10716

The classic – some may even say old-fashioned – Butterfly Can Opener is hard to beat for simplicity, and it’s undeniably one of the most straightforward, efficient ways to open your tins of food. There’s a reason they’ve been a staple in our utensil drawers for so long – they just work!

Made from shiny stainless steel, with a no-nonsense, hardened tempered steel blade to pierce the lids of tinned food, it requires a traditional two-handed approach; just clamp it onto your chosen tin, hold the long handles together and wind the butterfly wing lever to cut your way around the lid.
The bottom of the wider handle also has an opener for crown cap bottles.

About Kitchen Craft

Founded in 1787 by Thomas Plant, the company began as brush makers. They moved to Birmingham in 1850 to take advantage of the new technology of the Industrial Revolution and became manufacturers of ironmongery, expanding into kitchen essentials and household items until, by 1985, they were specialising purely in kitchenware. In 1996 the company name was changed to Kitchen Craft to help customers understand the brand and its position as a worldwide market leader in kitchenware and tableware. They’ve developed many famous core brands, each with their own personalities, offering an unparalleled choice of cooking, baking and food preparation tools as well as serving items and gifts that are instantly recognisable for their quality, and yet manage to be affordable. The company is still proud to be based in Birmingham, although Thomas Plant might not recognise their modern, 21st century premises.

Product dimensions

17.5cm L.


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