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KitchenAid White Ceramic Bowl With Pouring Spout

£ 80.00

Fits Kitchenaid 4.3l and 4.8l tilt head stand mixes 5 year chip guarantee pour spout

KitchenAid White Ceramic Bowl With Pouring Spout

Product number: 32778

Not that your KitchenAid stand mixer doesn’t already come with a very attractive mixing bowl (or bowls), but this lovely Ceramic Mixing Bowl really does add something a little special…

Beautifully styled with curves to match the ones of your stand mixer, it has a handy spout for any liquid mixes and a large, comfortable handle for easier pouring. It’s made from titanium-reinforced, vitrified ceramic, which means that it’s lighter and stronger than other ceramic bowls, and also resists chipping, cracking and staining – it even comes with a 5-year no-chip warranty, so it really is built to last.

It’s large enough to mix up to 1.7kg of bread dough, 1kg of flour or 12 egg whites, so it’s perfect for making everything from pizza dough to cake batter to a party-feeding batch of pavlovas. It can withstand the cold and is heat-resistant up to 260˚C, making it microwave-, oven- and freezer-safe – so you can use it to soften butter, temper chocolate and chill ingredients, without having to do so in a separate bowl. And it’s dishwasher safe too, so it’s easy to clean after any messy mixing jobs.

Fits any tilt-head KitchenAid Stand Mixer with a 4.3 or 4.8 litre bowl.

5-year no-chip manufacturer’s guarantee.

Model No. 5KSM2CB5LW

About KitchenAid®

Instantly recognisable, KitchenAid’s appliances are a winning match of iconic good looks and durable, uncompromising performance. Their pleasingly rounded retro shapes make for a range of designer desirables that anyone will be proud to have on display, and are designed, developed and manufactured to the highest possible standards.

4.7 litre. 22.5 x 31 x 19cm H. 1.9kg.


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