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Kissing Spike Turtle Mat 85 x 60cm

£ 49.99

Order this doormat with a beautiful hedgehog design. Soaks up 95% of water, dirt and dust to keep floors clean. 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee included.

Kissing Spike Turtle Mat 85 x 60cm

Product number: 63614

What could be more welcoming than walking through the doorway to find two friendly hedgehogs sharing a quick kiss? This Kissing Spike Turtle Mat is sure to give your hallway the warm, cosy feel it deserves, it’s brilliant at soaking up moisture, catching dirt and trapping dust, and it can go in the washing machine, so it’s easy to clean when it gets a bit grubby.

5-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

About Turtle Mats

The super-absorbent fibres in Turtle Mats grab an amazing 95% of dirt, dust and moisture. Made in the UK from 85% recycled cotton, with a touch of viscose to help the pile bounce back time after time, these doormats will also stay looking good however many muddy boots and paws they have to put up with.

Their lightly studded, anti-slip rubber backing makes them supremely safe, too, and as they’re machine washable up to 40˚C, they’re really easy to keep looking smart. They can even be tumble-dried to get them back into service fast.

Product dimensions

85 x 60cm.


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