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Kenwood Cooking Chef Connect KCL95.424SI

£ 1.249.99

Multifunctional stand mixer with recipe app.
Cooks, kneads, mixes and proves dough.
Touchscreen control with one-touch preset functions.
Bowl and tools are dishwasher safe.
10-year manufacturer’s guarantee on motor.
7 litre bowl, 2000W.

Kenwood Cooking Chef Connect KCL95.424SI

Product number: 63184

With all the functions that you’d expect from a top-quality stand mixer, Kenwood’s Cooking Chef Connect has an integral induction ‘hob’ that offers the ability to cook your meal as it mixes the ingredients – saving you oodles of time and saving on washing up too. With a cooking temperature that’s adjustable from 20° to 180°C, it can go from softening butter for a cake mix, to steaming a lobster tail for a slap-up supper.

Linked to a wide-ranging recipe app, the Cooking Chef Connect links you to a world of catering expertise that will guide you through recipe after recipe with 13 super-simple preset functions on its touchscreen menu that make everything oh-so easy to manage – the app can even control the machine for you, if speeds or temperatures need changing during the creation of a recipe. No ordinary stand mixer, it can do everything from making popcorn to Italian meringue, takes chunky soup in its stride, can slow-cook a succulent stew, and even offers a steaming option – perfect for healthier meals and Chinese dumplings alike.

Mixing bowl and tools included

  • 7 litre stainless steel bowl – a huge stainless steel mixing bowl with room inside to blend up to 5 kilos of enriched yeasted dough at a time (2.6kg flour) – working capacity 5.5 litre.
  • K-Beater – Perhaps Kenwood’s most famous mixing tool, it’s precision engineered from sturdy stainless steel to reach every part of the bowl while making mixes for cakes, biscuits, pastry and icing, and can even be used for making silky-smooth mashed potato, or combining fish cake mixes.
  • Stainless steel balloon whisk – A super-sturdy balloon-shaped, wire whisk for beating eggs, cream and soufflés into light-as-air mixtures.
  • Stainless steel dough hook – for yeasted bread doughs, it kneads dough efficiently, taking all the hard work out of making bread, doughnuts and bagels.
  • High temperature creaming beater – with a removable, flexible blade each side, it creams butter and sugar, choux pastry and polenta, and is ideal for scraping hot or cold mixes from the sides of the bowl.
  • High temperature spatula – for scraping the bowl clean at any stage of the mixing or cooking process.
  • Steamer attachment – fits neatly on top of your mixing bowl.
  • Heatproof steam and splatter shield – a 2-part system that protects the motor from steam during any heating phase and acts like a saucepan lid to keep heat and steam inside the bowl, while protecting you and your work surfaces from spatters when you’re mixing cake batters. There is a lidded feeder ‘tube’ on the splatter shield to allow you to add ingredients during mixing or cooking.

For super-easy clean-up Kenwood have ensured that the bowl, tools, steamer and splashguard are dishwasher safe.

What makes the Cooking Chef Connect special?

Induction cooking – allows you to melt butter or chocolate, prove dough before baking, sauté ingredients to release the fullest flavours into your food, make popcorn for stay-at-home film nights, and much, much more…

In-bowl weighing – Weighing in metric or imperial to suit your recipes, this makes it easy to add ingredients straight into your mixer (and save on washing up). The weighing function can be used with the mixer head up or down, and you can zero the figure to add your next ingredient.

Connected recipe app – Packed with step by step recipes, each automatically programs your cooking chef connect to make complex recipes accessible no matter how new you are to cooking.

Other features

Manual mode – allows you to select the speed, temperature and stirring interval to suit your own recipe, in case you don’t feel that the preset options cater for your long-standing family favourite dishes.

Pre-set programmes – choose from 13 different pre-programmed options. Combined with your recipe app your options are limitless.

Speed Control – there are 13 speeds to choose from (including Pulse), but if the bowl temperature rises above 60°C, the mixing speed is automatically limited to avoid the risk of hot splashes.

Stir Delay option – choose from ten intermittent stirring options to suit your chosen recipe if you’d prefer not to have constant stirring.

High speed high temperature mode (HSHT) – can be chosen if desired. An exclamation mark icon is displayed.

Easy-read display

  • Text display – reveals programme status, programme info and error messages. There is also a separate area to show the current phase of any pre-set programme.
  • Temperature display – select OFF or choose from 0-180°C. And a red icon tells you how hot things are.
  • Countdown timer – can be set from 5 seconds to 8 hours and will count down once a temperature has been selected
  • Stirring speed icon – displays your chosen speed, or the speed for the preset programme selected
  • Safety shut-off – If no time has been set on a Manual blending or cooking setting, heating and stirring will automatically end once the timer has reached 8 hours.

Attachment hubs for optional extras

  • High-speed hub for attaching extras such as the Kenwood Food Processor.

  • Slow-speed hub* for attachments such as the Kenwood Pasta Maker.

*Please note: the slow speed outlet is compatible with Kenwood accessories with a KAX prefix to their model number. Bar Connection attachments can be used with an adaptor – available from Kenwood.

10-year manufacturer’s guarantee on motor.

Model number KCL95.424SI

Please note: oven gloves should always be used when handling the bowl or removing tools after a cooking phase.

BPA free.

About Kenwood

Founded by Kenneth Wood in 1947, Kenwood was established on the guiding principles of quality, innovation and design. These principles remain at the very heart of the company and are probably why a meticulously crafted Kenwood appliance is sold every 3 seconds across the world.

7 litre bowl. 34.5 x 40 x 37cm H. 12.9kg. Flex 110cm. 2000W.

Useful documents

  • description Instructions (PDF)

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