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Kenwood Chef Titanium Patissier XL Stand Mixer KWL90.004SI

£ 749.99

1400W stand mixer with recipe app.
Variable speed, plus pulse and fold.
Warming function for melting or proving.
2 mixing bowls with illumination.
Includes K-beater, dough hook, whisk and more.
10-year manufacturer’s guarantee on motor.

Kenwood Chef Titanium Patissier XL Stand Mixer KWL90.004SI

Product number: 63183

A real workhorse, just like its forebears, Kenwood’s Patissier XL Chef Titanium Stand Mixer has been brought right into the 21st century with the addition of a touchscreen control panel, a weighing function and the ability to warm or melt ingredients as well as a recipe app that will guide you through any number of baking, cooking or mixing scenarios. So, you need never have a menu crisis again – your Titanium Chef will coach you through any eventuality you can think of.

Equipped with a warming function, countdown timer and with Quiet Mark certification, this quiet kitchen helper will even allow you to chat to a friend while it gets on with the hard work.

Mixing bowls and tools included

  • 7 litre stainless steel bowl – a huge stainless steel mixing bowl with room inside to blend up to 5 kilos of enriched yeasted dough at a time (2.6kg flour) – working capacity 5.5 litre.
  • 5 litre stainless steel bowl – this bowl stacks inside the larger one for space-saving storage – working capacity 4 litre.
  • K-Beater – Perhaps Kenwood’s most famous mixing tool, it’s precision engineered from sturdy stainless steel to reach every part of the bowl while making mixes for cakes, biscuits, pastry and icing, and can even be used for making silky-smooth mashed potato, or combining fish cake mixes.
  • Stainless steel balloon whisk – A super-sturdy balloon-shaped, wire whisk for beating eggs, cream and soufflés into light-as-air mixtures.
  • Stainless steel dough hook – for yeasted bread doughs, it kneads dough efficiently, taking all the hard work out of making bread, doughnuts and bagels.
  • Creaming beater – with a removable flexible blade each side, it creams ingredients and scrapes the side of the bowl as it works, so not a grain of sugar or flour can escape the mix.
  • Spatula – for scraping the bowl clean at any stage of the mixing process.
  • Shatterproof splash guard with feed chute – so ingredients stay in the bowl rather than being spattered across your kitchen.
  • Head shield – to keep the motor clean, no matter what you’re mixing.

The bowls, splatter guard, head shield, and all the tools are dishwasher safe.

Kenwood: a kitchen icon

Ask any serious home baker what’s on their kit wish list, and it’s a safe bet they’ll mention a Kenwood Chef. Built to stand the test of time and instantly recognisable with its iconic styling, the all-metal body has a titanium-coloured finish, ensuring it will make a statement on any kitchen worktop.

Chef Titanium – features:

  • Touchscreen control – A simple-to-use, full colour touchscreen with one-touch preset functions to take care of all sorts of tasks – just swipe to find the function you need.
  • In-bowl weighing – Weighing in metric or imperial to suit your recipes, this makes it easy to add ingredients straight into your mixer (and save on washing up). The weighing function can be used with the mixer head up or down, and you can zero the figure to add your next ingredient.In-bowl warming – With nine different heat settings it’s so helpful when you’re baking – from gently softening butter or proving bread dough, to melting chocolate or warming a delicate sabayon mixture.
  • Recipe App – Inspiration at your fingertips, with step-by-step recipes to suit any meal or occasion.
  • Countdown timer – Counts down from your chosen time so you can mix recipes with precision. The display shows hours, minutes and seconds, up to a maximum of 8 hours.
  • Planetary mixing action – Featuring Kenwood’s planetary mixing action, the head rotates clockwise while the SystemPro tools turn in the opposite direction for the most efficient bowl coverage, ensuring every bit of your mixture is evenly and thoroughly incorporated.
  • 10 speed settings – The control dial offers a huge range of speed settings to suit every recipe, a pulse function for short bursts of maximum speed, and a stirring setting for incorporating ingredients to whisked mixtures without knocking out all the air – ideal for meringues – so you have ultimate control over whatever you’re mixing to maximise your recipe options.
  • In-bowl illumination – Designed to ensure you can clearly see the colour, texture and consistency of your mixtures with ease while the ingredients are being mixed.
  • Generous capacity – With a sleek, brushed stainless steel finish, the deep 7 litre stainless steel bowl is bigger than most, so it can take on the biggest baking prep tasks. Just like those seen in professional kitchens, the Kenwood Chef Titanium has the capacity – and power – to prepare enough dough to make several loaves of bread in one go. You can mix a huge 4.55kg of cake ingredients, up to 910g of pastry, 2.5kg dough at a time or fluff up to 16 egg whites at once – that’s certainly a lot of tasty home baking; your oven will never have worked so hard! And, of course, there’s also a smaller bowl for times when you don’t need to mix up quite so much in one go.
  • Powerful 1400W motor – With the power to mix the heaviest pastry or bread dough with ease, the hard-working motor can also power an impressive variety of slow, medium and high-speed Kenwood attachments when they’re fixed to the outlet hubs – making your stand mixer into a multi-talented, all-in-one machine.

Attachment hubs for optional extras

  • High-speed hub for attaching extras such as the Kenwood Food Processor.
  • Slow-speed hub* for attachments such as the Kenwood Pasta Maker

*Please note: the slow speed outlet is compatible with Kenwood accessories with a KAX prefix to their model number. Bar Connection attachments can be used with an adaptor – available from Kenwood.

10-year manufacturer’s guarantee on motor.

Model number KWL90.004SI

BPA free.

About Kenwood

Founded on the guiding principle of quality, innovation and design, Kenwood’s range of stylish products are not only sure to look great in your kitchen, but also do their job to the highest standard. Continually aiming to push the boundaries of kitchen appliances, Kenwood’s pioneering approach to design and production ensures their products make your time in the kitchen enjoyable and as effortless as possible.Bowls 5 and 7 litre. 35.5 x 38 x 28.5cm H. 10.4kg. Flex 110cm. 1400W.

Useful documents

  • description Instructions (PDF)

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