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Joseph Joseph Totem Max Waste Recycling Unit – Stainless Steel 60L

£ 218.99

With 2 separate, removable compartments to store your recycling, this bin is perfect for any kitchen. Buy now for our exclusive 3 year guarantee. Free P&P & returns.

Joseph Joseph Totem Max Waste Recycling Unit – Stainless Steel 60L

Product number: 46257

Yes, it’s a lot of money to spend on a bin. But this isn’t a ‘normal’ bin – it’s Joseph Joseph’s Totem Max Waste Recycling Unit, and it does so much more…

It has separate, removable compartments to store all your rubbish, compostable waste and recycling, all in a compact ‘vertical’ design that takes up the same amount of space as a standard bin. So there’ll be no more cluttering up your kitchen with separate bins, boxes and bags for all your waste – just a single, sleek unit that does it all, while looking ever-so stylish in your kitchen with its brushed stainless steel finish.

What’s in the box?

  • Waste separation unit – with one-touch, flip-up lid with odour filter housing, upper stainless steel fixed compartment and lower stainless steel wheeled pullout compartment
  • 2 x 30 litre removable inner buckets
  • 3 litre removable food caddy
  • Odour filter
  • 3 x IW2 custom-fit liners – fully compostable bags for the food waste caddy
  • 3 x IW6 custom-fit liners – fit the removable buckets
  • Instruction booklet

Waste separation made easy

If you’re committed to recycling, you probably make several trips a day to wherever your recycling bins or bags are stored, because you don’t have room to keep them in your kitchen. It’s either that, or you clutter up your kitchen with a normal rubbish bin, a bag for cardboard, another one for plastic, a box for glass and jars and a countertop compost caddy… Cutting out all the to-ing and fro-ing and the mess, this in-kitchen recycling centre stores cardboard, plastic, cans, glass and food waste without you having to head outside or into the garage; you can also use it as a ‘normal’ bin, and it’s so easy to fill and empty.

Holds rubbish, food waste and recycling

Each large compartment holds a removable bucket with two cutout corners, which makes them easy to lift out and replace. Each bucket can be fitted with a single standard liner for general waste, or two smaller bags – using the integrated bag hooks – so you can separate out recycling. There’s a triangular, lidded compost caddy that hooks over one of the corners of either bucket to hold any food waste – just position it wherever’s best for you. And the bottom compartment comes all the way out on its four sturdy wheels, so you can roll it closer to wherever you need to empty it.

Replaceable odour filter

To keep the whole unit fresh, there’s a compartment in the lid that holds a replaceable carbon odour filter to neutralise any nasty niffs.

Replacement liners available

When you need more liners, we also sell replacement ones for the food caddy and the removable buckets.

Easy to clean

The brushed stainless steel surface has a fingerprint-resistant coating, so it’s easy to keep looking its best – just wipe with a damp cloth then dry with a dry one.

Part of the Totem range

Also available in a Stone or Graphite powder-coated finish in the same Totem Max size if stainless steel isn’t your style, and as Stainless Steel, Stone and Graphite in the 40L Totem Compact range, which is ideal for smaller households and kitchens.

10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

About Joseph Joseph

Innovative and practical, the design team at Joseph Joseph are renowned for their skills in adding a little sophistication and fun to the most mundane household helpers. And, no matter what they turn their minds to redesigning, we always wonder ‘why didn’t we think of that?’

Product dimensions

39.5 x 37 x 80cm H.


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