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If You Care Recycled Foil 29cm x 10m

£ 3.99

Recycled aluminium foil.
For covering or wrapping food.
Seals in flavour, moisture and nutrients.
Uses 95% less energy to produce.
29cm wide .
10 metres long.

If You Care Recycled Foil 29cm x 10m

Product number: 32669

Every cook knows just how essential it is to have foil at hand in their kitchen drawers, and now If You Care have created their 100% Recycled Aluminium Foil, you can wrap, roast, steam and bake all sorts of things with a clear, eco-friendly conscience. And foil is the easiest way to seal in flavour, moisture and nutrients (and protect the surface from scorching) when you’re cooking awkwardly-shaped items like joints of meat or whole fish, or when baking bananas, sweetcorn or potatoes.

Perfect for cooking ‘en papillote’, and wide enough to cover a dinner plate in the oven if someone’s going to be late home for supper, this thin kitchen foil is made entirely from recycled aluminium. The raw material is collected rather than mined (no extra holes in the ground to dig) and uses 95% less power to produce than the kind that’s made from scratch (no crushing, grinding and smelting of ore).

So, whether you’re wrapping plantain, shrimp or potatoes for the barbecue, covering a roast in the oven, or parcelling sandwiches to go into your picnic hamper, now you can be green too – especially if you wash, squash and pop the foil pieces into the recycling bin when they’ve done their job.

Please note: If You Care recommend that this foil should not be used with acidic or fatty foods.

About the ‘If You Care’ range

The If You Care brand started with unbleached coffee filters in 1990, moved on to unbleached baking parchment, and now they make a wide range of environmentally friendly kitchen and household products… Helping those of us who are trying to minimise humanity’s effect on the natural world look after our families and our homes without damaging the world around us. Even their packaging is 100% recyclable!

29cm x 10m.


  • Metal utensil friendly
  • Oven safe
  • Freezer safe

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