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Hot Air Balloon Chocolate Bar Mould

£ 9.99

Makes four mini chocolate bars.
Decorated with hot air balloons.
With fantastic detail and definition.
Mould 20 x 12 x 2cm H.
Part of our Hot Air Balloon travel range.

Hot Air Balloon Chocolate Bar Mould

Product number: 32664

Chocolatey treats are hard to beat, and when they come sprinkled with hot air balloons – even better! Turning out four mini chocolate bars, each with the same design of hot air balloons sailing past the sun and through the clouds, this polycarbonate mould is ideal for creating bars to give as gifts or add to gift bags at the end of a themed birthday party.

Producing excellent definition, it’s suitable for dark, milk or white chocolate bars, and once you’ve mastered the art, you can start experimenting with combining different colours of chocolate too, or finishing off the balloons on a white chocolate bar with a brush of brightly coloured lustre dust.

Tempering chocolate

If you want your chocolatey treats to have that professional-looking sheen, you’ll need to temper your chocolate. This stops the cocoa fat from separating, preventing that dull grey finish and meaning the chocolate shrinks slightly when set for an easy release from the mould. If you want to find out a bit more, we wrote a handy guide on tempering chocolate for budding chocolatiers.

About our hot air balloon travel range

Go up, up and away and take a magical trip around the world in 80 days – or around your kitchen countertops on a wet afternoon – with our hot air balloon baking range. There are icing cutters and moulds that will turn any cake into a beautiful balloon and cloud-sprinkled centrepiece, a compass mould that will sit perfectly alongside them (after all, you don’t want your cakes ending up in the wrong place), pretty cupcake cases for smaller bakes and even a chocolate bar mould, so you can throw a fantastic themed party full of all kinds of sweet treats for any little (or larger) adventurers.

Mould 20 x 12 x 2cm H. Makes 4 bars, each 8.5 x 4 x 1cm H.


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