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Heat Diffuser Pin for Cake Baking

£ 4.99

Helps large cakes bake more evenly.
Place in the centre of your tin.
Pour mixture in around it .
Only leaves a small hole.
Carbon steel with flat base.
11.5cm long .

Heat Diffuser Pin for Cake Baking

Product number: 32646

Smaller cakes usually bake just fine, but with larger ones there’s always the danger that the sides might end up a bit crispy while the middle is still decidedly uncooked – which isn’t something anyone wants to serve up. But stick this Heat Diffuser Pin in the middle of your cake and it’ll do the same job as the sides of the tin, heating up and diffusing that heat into your mixture, so the centre of your cake bakes at the same speed as the sides. Result: an evenly baked big cake that won’t put you to shame, or make your tiered celebration cake collapse because the foundations are a bit unstable.

How to use it

There’s a flat disc on one end – place this end on the base of your cake tin, right in the centre, and pour your cake mixture in around it. Then put it in the oven to bake as usual. Once your cake’s baked (you’ll still have to stick a skewer in it to test whether it’s ready), remove it from the oven and turn it out as usual. The pin will slide out easily – just put your nail or the tip of a knife under the edge of the disc to start lifting it out. And it will only leave a tiny hole in the top of your cake, which is easy to ice over.

Made from carbon steel, it’s oven safe up to 220˚C.

11.5cm L.


  • Dishwasher safe

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