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Global Knife Sharpener

£ 49.99

Global Knife Sharpener for Asian or Japenese style blades. Ceramic wheels create sharp cutting edges. Includes 2 ceramic wheels. 3 year guarantee.

Global Knife Sharpener

Product number: 72628

When you’ve chosen your kitchen knives with care because you love their perfect balance and their Asian- or Japanese-angled blades, you’re sure to want to look after them in the best possible way.

If you own Global knives, you’ll be relieved to know that they’ve designed their own dedicated Global Ceramic Knife Sharpener to help you maintain their acutely-angled cutting edges. This ceramic wheel sharpener is suitable for any Oriental-style blade, it’s super-easy to use with no need for expertise or a craftsman’s skill.

How It Works:

  • Fill the reservoir base with cold water – this helps to keep the blade cool as you pass it through the ceramic wheels.
  • Pass the blade back and forth gently (no pressure needed) through the white (coarse) ceramic wheel – Global recommend 7 passes.Repeat with the pink (medium-grade) ceramic wheel.
  • Your knife will be ready for action again – sharpened at the perfect angle and as good as new.

The removable plastic cover has slots to help you keep the blade aligned through the sharpening wheels and protects the wheels when the sharpener is stored in a drawer. And, should ever need them, replacement sharpening wheels are available from Global, too.

About Global Classic Knives

Anyone who’s serious about cooking would do well to consider investing in at least one of these pieces, which are thought by many to be the ultimate in knives. Over a thousand years ago, Japanese swordsmen mastered the art of sword-making to arm their much-feared Samurai warriors. Continuing in this tradition today, skilled craftsmen still make each knife by hand, and take pride in upholding the exacting quality for which Global have become renowned.

Product dimensions

23cm L.


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