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FoodSaver Small Fresh Zipper Bags 26 x 950ml

£ 14.99

Small FoodSaver Zip Bags for use with Foodsaver vacuum sealers. Special channels allow air to be removed. Zip- seal top can be opened & re-sealed. BPA Free. 26 x 950ml

FoodSaver Small Fresh Zipper Bags 26 x 950ml

Product number: 31842

Designed for use with the FoodSaver Fresh Vertical Sealer, this pack of 26 Vacuum Food Storage Bags have been designed to be as efficient as possible. The bags have special channels that enable your vacuum sealer to remove air as efficiently as possible as well as gusseted bases for easier filling. Their multi-ply construction also makes them particularly effective at keeping oxygen and moisture out once in use.

To extend the life of the fresh fruit, veg, meat or fish in your fridge, save prepared food for future consumption, prepare for a camping trip or protect delicate items such as silver cutlery from oxygenation – just pop your items into one of these bags, close the zip and start your vacuum sealer to remove the air ready for storage. As they are sealed with a zipper, these bags can be resealed after use.

Free from BPA.

Compatible with FoodSaver Fresh Vertical Sealer FFS010.

Please note: FoodSaver Bags are not suitable for storing liquids. When storing dry powders or coffee grounds, it is recommended to place a piece of kitchen roll over the valve.

About FoodSaver

With the simple aim of helping you keep your favourite foods fresh for longer, FoodSaver have developed a range of innovative products to vacuum seal food storage bags and containers which can help preserve food for up to twice as long. With simple controls, you will never know how you lived without these products once you’ve given them a go.

Product dimensions

20 x 22.5cm. 950ml.


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