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Folding Sweep Set – Long-Handled Broom and Pivoting Dustpan

£ 19.99

Long-handled dustpan and brush. Lets you sweep up without stooping. Dustpan pivots to prevent spillages. Easy upright storage. Handles clip together.

Folding Sweep Set – Long-Handled Broom and Pivoting Dustpan

Product number: 26094

Tailor-made for easy sweeping, this long-handled Folding Sweep Set gathers dust and dirt without any crouching down, bending or stooping, and the dustpan pivots for easy storage once your floors are spick and span.

Long handles for no-stooping sweeping

Unlike many dustpan and brush sets that require you to stoop, crouch or kneel down to gather what you’ve brushed up, both the dustpan and the little broom in this set have long handles that let you sweep up without having to bend down at all. The pan has a rubber lip that sticks to the floor for easier pick-up at first sweep – no more chasing errant crumbs all over the floor! – and a little footplate at the back that you can step on to keep the pan where you want it.

Pivoting pan prevents spills

We’ve all tripped or stumbled and spilled sweepings on the way to the bin, but this dustpan has a clever trick up its sleeve to reduce the risk. Once you’ve swept up, step on the footplate and pull upwards on the dustpan handle – the dustpan will swing round on the curved base section of the handle and end up with its opening facing upwards, and all the dust and dirt safely settled at the bottom of the pan.

Easy to store

Once emptied, return the dustpan to its pivoted position, clip the handles of the dustpan and brush together and the full set is ready to be slotted into a narrow gap in your cleaning cupboard, with the dustpan standing up on end rather than with its base taking up lots of space on the floor.

Product dimensions

Dustpan 28cm W. Brush 22cm W. Handles approx. 90cm L.


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