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Extra Strong 20cm Silver Cake Board – Round

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Extra Strong 20cm/ 8” Silver Cake Board made from strong MDF so it won’t bend even under the heaviest of cakes. Reusable with care. Round. 3 sizes available.

Extra Strong 20cm Silver Cake Board – Round

Product number: 72613

When you’ve gone to the trouble of baking and decorating a celebration cake, the last thing you want is a flimsy cake board letting you down. Made with an MDF core, rather than cardboard, our Extra-Strong 20cm (8”) Silver Cake Board will give your cakes a firm foundation ready for stacking or transporting.

A good bake deserves a reliable base, but some cake boards can be sadly lacking, so our Kitchenware Buyer Veronica set out to find a really top quality, rigid cake board that didn’t cost the earth… This extra-strong round cake board has an MDF core rather than cardboard, so you can trust it won’t bend when it’s time to transport your bake.

Sturdy yet slender, this cake drum is just 3mm thick, a double-strength board that will sit discreetly below a birthday cake, or between the layers of a tiered cake, where it will provide unwavering support. With a dainty floral pattern embossed into the foil covering, our silver cake board is an attractive yet understated base that will suit any occasion, from a single-tier cake to a stacked wedding or Christening cake and, with care, your cake board can go on supporting your cakes for many celebrations to come. Because it’s so hard-wearing, if the foil covering gets damaged, you could always recover it with foil yourself for many more future uses.

Ideal for a small cake or the top tier of a stacked cake.

Available in three sizes.


  • Non-stick friendly

Product dimensions

20cm Dia.


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