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Emile Henry Bread Loaf Baker EH345504

£ 81.99

For a classic shaped bread loaf, order the Emile Henry Bread Loaf Baker. Designed to replicate a stone built bread oven. 10 year guarantee.

Emile Henry Bread Loaf Baker EH345504

Product number: 32581

Designed and made to replicate the conditions inside a traditional stone-built bread oven, the Emile Henry Bread Loaf Baker will help you bake loaf after loaf – and take pride in the impressive results. Whether you choose to bake a plain white farmhouse loaf, rye or gluten-free loaf (or all of them, one after the other), this brilliant baking mould will soon be your very best friend.

Shaped to bake a straight-sided baker’s loaf, it’s a two-piece ceramic ‘loaf tin’ with a perforated lid that keeps just enough steam inside to encourage a deliciously crisp crust every time. And, once you take the loaf baker out of the oven, its heat-retentive walls will keep your loaf toasty-warm inside for ages until you’re ready to let everyone taste it… But the heavenly aroma of fresh-baked bread is sure to spread through the house to tantalise the whole family’s taste buds and draw them to the dinner table without you having to shout once.

How to use the Emile Henry Bread Loaf Baker

  • Make your bread dough as per your chosen recipe and set it aside for its first prove.
  • Grease and flour the inside of the base and, when you’ve knocked back your dough after the first rise, pop it into the Loaf Baker for its second proving (with the lid on) while you preheat your oven.
  • When the dough has risen again and the oven is hot, brush the top of the loaf-to-be with water, pop the lid back on and bake.

Other features:

  • High-quality ceramic – highly resistant to thermal shock, the clay blend used to make this bread baker can go straight into a hot oven, and will remain warm for several hours after baking.
  • Cadmium-free glaze – super-smooth with excellent non-stick qualities.
  • Oven safe up to 270°C.
  • Microwave safe.
  • Freezer safe.
  • Dishwasher safe .

10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Model number: EH345504

About Emile Henry

With a name that’s blended from that of the Monsieur Henry who first became a potter in 1848, and his grandson, Emile, who rejuvenated the company after the 1st World War, Emile Henry make ceramics that are famous for their resistance to intense heat, practicality, durability and for their high-quality, colourful glazes. Now run by the sixth generation, Emile Henry ceramics are still made to the very highest standards – and, to prove their authenticity, each hand-finished piece is signed on its base by an artisan potter in the Marcigny workshop, deep in the heart of Burgundy, France. But the Henry family’s greatest pride comes from knowing that their products make our cooking and baking of cooked-from-scratch food so much easier and more enjoyable.

Makes a 2lb (900g) loaf. 22 x 12 x 13cm H. 2kg.


  • Oven safe
  • Dishwasher safe

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