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Ember Temperature Controlled Gift Mug – White 295ml

£ 99.99

Smart temperature controlled mug.
Keeps your hot drink at the perfect temperature.
No more cold tea or burnt lips .
LED indicates when it’s ready to drink.
Personalise it with the Ember app.

Ember Temperature Controlled Gift Mug – White 295ml

Product number: 62808

Always forgetting about your morning brew until it’s gone cold and undrinkable? Let cold tea and coffee be a thing of the past with the Ember Mug². This smart mug keeps your drink at the perfect temperature no matter how long it takes you to drink it – almost like it’s been designed by Goldilocks – so your brew is never too hot or too cold, and always just right.

What’s in the box

  • Ember Mug².
  • Charging coaster.
  • 2m USB charging cable.

What is Ember?

Some mugs can keep your drink hot, but the patented technology inside Ember’s Mug² is designed to keep it at the perfect temperature, all the way from first sip to very last drop. Just fill the Ember Mug² with your hot drink of choice – whether that’s tea, coffee or hot chocolate – set your desired temperature, and it’ll do the rest!

How it works

Ready to go straight out of the box, this smart ceramic mug has a hidden stainless steel core with a built-in sensor that’s preset at 57°C. As your drink cools, the sensor will sense when it’s reached the correct temperature and the smart LED light will indicate that it’s ready to drink. The built-in lithium-ion battery will maintain the same temperature for one and a half hours on a full charge, or all day if you place the mug on its charging coaster. It’s great if you end up in a long meeting, or forget about your brew while doing something else – there’s no need to microwave your drink or get a fresh brew. This clever mug also senses when to turn on and off, so it’s always ready, entering sleep mode when it’s empty and waking up when it senses movement or liquid.

Personalise with the Ember App

The Ember Mug² can also be connected to your smartphone with Bluetooth by downloading the Ember app. Compatible with iOS and Android (check Ember’s website – – for compatibility) the app lets you set your preferred temperature – ranging from 50-62°C – and you’ll receive a notification when that temperature is reached. You can also customise preset temperatures for all of your favourite drinks, personalise your mug by giving it a name so everyone knows it’s yours, and you can even select the LED colour that’s used on your mug too.

Smart and attractive design

Made of durable stainless steel with a reinforced, sleek ceramic coating, it keeps your beverage perfectly warm while its exterior stays cool to the touch. It’s great for use at home or in the office, and it’s safe to hand wash and easy to clean too.

This fab mug makes an ideal gift for the person who has everything, or anyone who is notoriously tricky to buy for… as well as anyone who is constantly forgetting about their brew!

Product dimensions

295ml. Coaster 11cm Dia. USB charging cable 2m. 40W.


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