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Ecozone Soap Nuts 300g

£ 5.99

Not only are these clothes soap nuts 100% natural, but they cost a fraction of a normal harmful washing powders at just 5.9p per wash!

Ecozone Soap Nuts 300g

Product number: 46143

It’s not often you find a cleaning product that only contains 1 ingredient, but that’s exactly what you’re getting with EcoZone’s Soap Nuts. Grown on trees, soap nuts are a completely natural and effective way of cleaning your clothes, with no abrasive chemicals in sight. The shells of these wonder nuts (although they’re actually berries) contain Mother Nature’s detergent, called saponin, a natural surfactant which creates a gentle foam that effectively removes dirt from your clothes while keeping colours bright and looking their best. Better still, the skin-friendly saponin even makes your clothes nice and soft, so you don’t need to add fabric softener. Complete with a zipped washbag to hold your soap nuts, you have everything you need to tackle laundry day.

Easy to use

Simply place 4-5 nuts (depending on the size of the load) into the bag and place on top of your laundry in the machine – that’s it! It really couldn’t be simpler. Once your load is done, and you’ve taken out your clean, fresh clothes, remove the bag and leave the nuts to dry as you can use them 4 more times before they need to be discarded – they’re completely biodegradable so won’t be troubling landfill.

Kind to clothes… and you

As there are no harsh chemicals or bleach in soap nuts, they’re suitable to use on all your clothes, including delicate silk and wool items, and baby clothes. You can even use them to hand-wash clothes that are too delicate to go into the washing machine – just place the bag, with the nuts inside, into warm water and wait for a few minutes until the soap is released, then add your clothes and wash as normal.

Soap nuts are the ideal washday solution for people with sensitive skin too, as they’re free from all the usual synthetic chemicals and perfumes often found in most commercial detergents.

Kind to the environment

We’re all becoming increasingly aware of the negative impact certain chemicals and plastics can have on the environment, but you can wash away all those fears with soap nuts, as they release no harsh chemicals into the environment. As the nuts are provided for us by Mother Nature, they can be returned to her too. Once you’ve finished with your soap nuts, simply pop them onto your compost heap. The packaging and wash-bag can also be recycled.

Soap nuts are effective at low temperatures, so you keep your energy usage to a minimum too.

Kind to your purse

Each 100g bag of soap nuts will last you up to a whopping 100 washes, making them a much cheaper alternative to expensive tablets and powders that need replacing more often. You’ll also save money on fabric softener, as soap nuts naturally soften your garments.

Did you know?

Soap nuts, also known as soapberries, grow on Sapindus Genus trees and are part of the Lychee family. Not a new trend by far, soap nuts have been used for thousands of years for their natural fabric cleaning qualities.

About Ecozone

Created by a family for families, Ecozone’s mission is to create environmentally friendly, effective cleaning solutions to make the home a safe, clean and healthy place to live. All of their products are organic and vegan friendly, relying on Mother Nature’s finest offerings to create powerful cleaning products from plant-based ingredients.

Product dimensions

300g., (200p per 100g.)


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