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EazzyPress Quick Iron with Travel Accessories

£ 39.99

Cut ironing time by half; iron both sides of your clothes at once with this innovative iron from EazzyPress. No need for Ironing board. Great for travel.

EazzyPress Quick Iron with Travel Accessories

Product number: 53221

Wouldn’t it be nice if ironing could be, well, easier? With the compact EazzyPress Quick Iron (the clue really is in the name!), it is… And it works brilliantly as a travel iron too!

There’s nothing more annoying than picking out a smart shirt from the wardrobe only to find a rogue crease, and there are usually only two options: go into battle with your cumbersome ironing board, set it up and wait for the iron to heat up just to beat that one crease, or (sometimes the only option when time is of the essence) leave the crease and let it bug you all day. With EazzyPress, there’s a better option. With no need for an ironing board, you can iron clothes while they’re still on their hangers, and the two Teflon-coated plates will iron both sides of any garment at once for one-handed, super-speedy and convenient ironing – any bothersome creases can be banished in seconds and you can get on with your day. Eazzy!

What’s in the box?

  • Over-door hook
  • Travel bag with drawstring closure
  • Water bottle with spray attachment
  • Instruction booklet

Easy to use

When we were first shown the EazzyPress, our first thoughts went to hair straighteners, and that’s just what they look like – straighteners, but for your clothes! The compact size means it fits snuggly in a drawer until you need it, and they’re just as easy and convenient to use too:

  • Turn the dial to your desired heat setting and wait for the plates to heat up
  • Place your material between the two Teflon plates
  • Use the handle to squeeze the plates together and run the EazzyPress over your garment, ironing both sides at once – it’s that simple!

The extra-long, ergonomic handle only requires one hand to operate while the large gap in the middle of the handle allows you to reach all areas of your clothes with ease, even those hard to reach corners as the fabric rolls into the shaped gap to allow you to iron a large area without causing any more creases to form. Hook your garment’s hanger on your wardrobe door (for when you’re really short on time!) or hang it up on the over-door hook provided.

Adjustable heat settings

The easily-adjustable dial on top of the EazzyPress is clearly labelled with nylon (low), silk (medium), wool (high) and cotton/linen (max) so you can be confident that you’re choosing the right setting for your garment.

No more ironing board!

With no need for an ironing board, there’ll be no more battling to get your board into place all for the sake of one or two items – think of the time you’ll save! It’s also perfect for small-space homes, flats and student accommodation where there isn’t space to store an ironing board.

Lightning fast and energy saving

Ironing isn’t the quickest of tasks, with many of us setting aside a whole afternoon to get through a load of laundry. The EazzyPress is the Usain Bolt of irons and can cut your ironing time by half as it irons both the front and back of your clothes at the same time, so even a thick pair of jeans can be ironed in minutes. As it’s super-speedy, it means it’s energy saving too – after all, less time ironing means less energy consumption.

Water-spray bottle included

Got a stubborn crease that just won’t budge? Harness the wrinkle-busting power of steam by spritzing the area with water just before ironing with the EazzyPress to create steam, then run the plates over the creases until they’re removed.

Great for curtains

Ironing curtains is a hefty task, taking them down, slowly moving them over your considerably smaller ironing board, lugging them back to the curtain rail and re-hanging them, only to stand back and realise you’ve missed a huge section… The Eazzy Press allows you to iron your curtains while they are hung up, eradicating pesky creases with ease whenever and wherever you spot them.


Complete with a handy drawstring travel bag, the EazzyPress is the perfect travel-buddy, whether you’re away on a business trip, or you’re off on an epic adventure. No matter how well you iron before packing, most items emerge a little rumpled and crumpled, so this compact ironing whizz is perfect for staying smart during hotel stays and campervan holidays alike.

Product dimensions

28cm L. Flex 2m. 440W.

Useful documents

  • description Instructions (PDF)

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