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Easy-Fit Fly Screen Kit

£ 19.99

Stop flying insects in their tracks! The Easy-Fit Fly Screen Kit includes a 1m x 2m fine grey mesh screen & fixing tape. For windows or a door, lets air in, keeps insects out.

Easy-Fit Fly Screen Kit

Product number: 6807

Stop flying insects in their tracks!

When the weather is warm, it’s fabulous to be able to throw open your windows and let some fresh air into your home, and the Easy-Fit Fly Screen Kit makes it possible to get all the benefits of a fresh breeze and the view, without allowing any pesky flying insects into your home. Especially the ones that buzz noisily around your bedroom when you’re trying to sleep, risk the hygiene of your kitchen or threaten to sting when you try to encourage them to go back outside.

Effective protection from insects

The pale grey fly mesh is made from fibreglass and coated with uPVC to make it strong and water-resistant – even the fattest bumblebee can’t break through the mesh and, although visibility is not restricted, even gnats and midges can’t get past it. Just apply to your chosen door or cut to fit a couple of windows.

Windows can be opened and closed

Because the mesh is applied with hook and loop tape (included in the pack), it’s easy to undo a section of the panel and open or close your window to suit the weather or the time of day. And, of course, the whole panel can be easily removed whenever you wish.

Easy to fit

The beauty of this cut-to-size screen is that it’s so easy to fit, making your room fly-proof in seconds. Specially designed for PVC window frames, the adhesive backing of the hook and loop tape will also adhere to metal and wooden window surrounds, so there’s no window that can’t take advantage of this screening kit. Easy-to-follow instructions make it simple to apply to your window frame, then you just press the taped sections together around the mesh panel. Voila! Instant fly protection.

Please note: after a summer of use, removing the adhesive tape may damage a painted surface. Replacement tape packs are available to help you rehang the reusable mesh panel the following summer, or to apply to other windows in the house if you’d like to move the panels from room to room.

We recommend keeping the instructions in a safe place to help you remember where to place the Replacement Hook and Loop Tape at the start of each summer.

Product dimensions

Mesh 1 x 2m. White and grey hook and loop tape 1m. Enough for a doorway or two 1m Sq. windows.


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