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Dualit EcoPress Aluminium Coffee Capsule Recycler – 85112

£ 9.99

Easy-to-use coffee capsule recycler.
Makes it easy to recycle aluminium pods.
Compatible with all NX-style coffee pods.
Removes and collects coffee grounds.
Dishwasher safe.
10cm Dia. x 11.5cm H.
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Dualit EcoPress Aluminium Coffee Capsule Recycler – 85112

Product number: 62815

Love coffee pods but find recycling them a bit tricky? Dualit’s EcoPress easily removes the coffee grounds from used aluminium capsules, so all you have to do is add the capsules to your recycling bin. So much easier than arranging a courier or lugging parcels to the post office!

The coffee pod problem

Dualit have calculated that, on average, 39,000 coffee capsules are used every minute in the UK – which adds up to around 390 million pods in a year – with lots of them ending up in landfill because too many of us don’t know how to recycle them. But help is at hand…

How it works

Designed to look like a huge NX coffee capsule, this clever gadget removes the compostable coffee grounds from used pods, so it’s easier to recycle the capsules themselves. Just position your used coffee pod over the hole in the lid, place the pusher on top and press down – the coffee grounds will end up in the bucket, leaving your empty pod ready to rinse and recycle.

Recycle the capsules…

Once you’ve got a little stash of capsules, stack them together to go into your collection box or bag with your tins and foil. And it doesn’t matter which brand of coffee you prefer – Dualit have made sure that the EcoPress is compatible with all brands of NX-style aluminium coffee capsules, not just their own.

… and compost the coffee

The base of the bucket will hold the coffee grounds from up to ten capsules – once it’s full, you can tip them into your compost bin or green waste bin, or even sprinkle them around garden plants as ‘instant’ compost.

As it’s made from tough ABS plastic, the EcoPress can be popped on the top rack of your dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Please note: only suitable for use with used aluminium coffee capsules – you’ll need to check that your coffee capsules are made entirely from aluminium before use.

About Dualit

Dualit was born out of one man’s passion for invention, well-engineered products and hard graft. Max Gort-Barten came out of the British army after WWII filled with engineering ideas, and started his business in Camberwell. One of his earliest ideas was the Dual-Light electric fire, which gave the company its name, but it was their now iconic patented toaster that caught the public’s attention. Still specialising in toasters, Dualit’s product line now includes a range of small electrical appliances, from kettles to hand mixers and countertop ovens. Now run by the second and third generations of the family, Dualit stick firmly to Max’s principles of reliability and durability: no frills, no gimmicks, no compromise, just great products.


  • Dishwasher safe

Product dimensions

10cm Dia. x 11.5cm H.

Useful documents

  • description Instructions (PDF)

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