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Dreamfarm Smood Potato Masher

£ 17.99

Mashes, scrapes and serves. Smooth mash in seconds. Flattens to force potato through. Silicone scraper gets every last bit. For avocados, bananas and baby food too.

Dreamfarm Smood Potato Masher

Product number: 73251

It’s quite a claim, but Dreamfarm believe their Smood Potato Masher is the best in the world, and having tried it for ourselves, we can only salute their boldness. With a clever, collapsing spring head that efficiently, and almost effortlessly, produces smooth, fluffy mashed potato in seconds, it also has a comfy, soft-grip handle and a silicone scraper that doubles as a server to ensure nothing gets left behind in the pan. Smashing!

Efficient spring design

Simply position the coiled spring head over a boiled spud and push down – the coils will flatten and force the potato through the thin gaps for smooth, lump-free fluffy mash in an instant. The spring has been specially designed to eliminate jarring your wrist as you push down to make the whole process immensely easy and satisfying.

Silicone scraper

Usually, to get the last bits of mash from the edges of the pan you need the help of a wooden spoon or spatula, which also adds to the washing up. Not with Smood. It has a silicone scraper attached to the coil so that not only can you get every last scrap of spud mashed, it doubles as a server to scrape your food into a serving bowl or straight onto a plate. And Smood can go in your dishwasher when its work is done so clean-up’s easier, too.

Soft-grip handle

Inspired by the shape of the handle on a ski pole, the comfortable rubber grip can be held in several different positions to suit whoever’s in the mood to Smood.

Not just for spuds

Pumpkins and squashes, carrots and swede, sweet potatoes, avocados, and even baby food – Smood will make short work of mashing anything you need to get mashed.

BPA free.

About Dreamfarm

A young company of designers from Brisbane in Australia with some very strict design principles:

  • Make it work as good as it looks – even on the 1000th use, not just the first time.
  • A product only matters if it’s useful – because they know that design failures are dust collectors.

Dreamfarm is a place where ideas grow, and every millimetre of everything they design exists for a reason – their aim is to make the world’s best kitchen tools and gadgets, and from what we’ve seen, they’re doing a pretty good job so far.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-stick friendly

Product dimensions

30cm L.


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