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Dreamfarm Large Supoon Sit Up Scraping Spoon – Colours Vary

£ 8.99

Silicone spoon with built-in rest.
Flexible head for scraping pans and bowls.
With teaspoon and tablespoon measures.
Heat-resistant and dishwasher safe.
Colours will vary.
28cm long.

Dreamfarm Large Supoon Sit Up Scraping Spoon – Colours Vary

Product number: 73384

Simply brilliant for cooking and serving, the silicone-headed Supoon is a sit-up scraping and cooking spoon that doubles as an accurate 5ml and 15ml measuring spoon. Invented in Australia by Dreamfarm, it’s a truly multi-talented piece of kitchen kit – so much more than ‘just’ a spoon. With eight colours to choose from.

Built-in spoon rest – The bend in the handle lifts the bowl of the spoon off your worktop to help keep surfaces clean, or it can be hooked over the rim of a jar or bowl to stop it sliding away.

Flexible edges
– Strongly made, the silicone bowl of the spoon has flexible edges and a flat tip, specially designed for scraping out every last piece of food or sauce from your pan or bowl, ensuring that nothing goes to waste and making clean-up easier.

Accurate measures – Ideal for cooking and baking when you’re following a recipe, or for portion control of food, the silicone head has measurement markers for standard 5ml teaspoon and 15ml tablespoon measures.

Non-stick friendly – because it’s made from silicone, it’s heat-resistant up to 260°C and won’t scratch your non-stick pans.

BPA free.

Please note: colours vary – you may be allocated any of the colours shown above when you place your order.

About Dreamfarm

A young company of designers from Brisbane in Australia with some very strict design principles:
– Make it work as good as it looks – even on the 1000th use, not just the first time.
– A product only matters if it’s useful – because they know that design failures are dust collectors.
Dreamfarm is a place where ideas grow, and every millimetre of everything they design exists for a reason – their aim is to make the world’s best kitchen tools and gadgets, and from what we’ve seen, they’re doing a pretty good job so far.

Product dimensions

28 cm L.


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