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De’Longhi La Specialista Maestro EC9665.M Bean-to-Cup Espresso Machinee

£ 999.99

Specialist machine for coffee connoisseurs bean to cup latte crema Sensor Grinding Technology; Smart Tamping Station

De’Longhi La Specialista Maestro EC9665.M Bean-to-Cup Espresso Machinee

Product number: 26780

Our Italian isn’t up to much, but even we can tell that a machine called La Specialista Maestro* is probably pretty special, and rather good at its job. And its job is to give you a fantastic barista experience in your own home, putting you in control of crafting the perfect cup – with a little help from all the amazing technology inside, of course…

What you get

Bean-to-cup coffee machine – beautifully designed (as you’d expect, it is made by De’Longhi), with bean hopper; built-in grinder; progress, pressure and menu displays; Sensor Grinding Technology; Smart Tamping Station; dynamic pre-infusion; active temperature control and LatteCrema system.

Milk frothing jug.

Filter holder.

Knock box.

Bean adapt technology

While coffee beans might all look similar on the outside, on the inside they’re all very different, with different grinding and brewing levels needed to extract the best flavour from the beans. That’s where La Specialista Maestro Bean Adapt Technology comes into play, letting you control the grind, dose and temperature to get the best flavour and extraction out of your coffee beans.

Sensor Grinding Technology

Eight grind settings with precision adjustment let you get the best out of different types of coffee bean, while two sensors help deliver an even grind for consistent results, cup after cup after cup.

Smart Tamping Station

Just activate the lever to tamp the dose with exactly the right pressure, without mistakes or any messy spilt grounds – this all happens inside the machine once you’ve twisted the portafilter into position.

Dynamic pre-infusion

The machine also adjusts the length of the pre-infusion process to the density of the coffee dose, ensuring the entire surface is evenly and gently wet, which helps you achieve the perfect extraction of flavour and aroma.

Active temperature control

The 19-bar pressure, high-performance Thermoblock temperature control system gives you the ideal, stable temperature for brewing, with five temperature profiles to bring out the full flavour of your beans.

All your favourites at your fingertips

As well as letting you craft your brew to perfection, this machine also boasts six automatic espresso- and milk-based preset recipes, so you can create an optimal cup in minutes.

Velvety milk froth

It’s really easy to enjoy a perfect creamy cappuccino or latte, thanks to the LatteCrema System which automatically mixes the correct proportions of steam, air and milk to suit your drink. Select the milk foam option you want on the display and the dedicated heating system ensures the optimal temperature and a quick heat-up.

The art of the barista

Of course, no barista would be without the finishing touch of latte art in their coffee-making bag of tricks, and the My Latte Art steam wand lets you finish off your brew by adding texture to create whatever patterns and designs you like.

Other features

2.5 litre water tank.

Adjustable cup tray.

Auto shut-off after 30 minutes.

5-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Model No. EC9665.M

The master specialist.

About De’Longhi

Founded in the early twentieth century in Treviso, De’Longhi are an Italian engineering company famous for their stylish and high-quality home appliances. They have a simple ethos: ‘A De’Longhi product will always turn the everyday into something special.’

2.5 litre water tank. 36 x 35 x 45cm H. 16kg. Flex 100cm. 1450W.


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