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Decora Decortwist Fondant Icing Shaper Extruder With 20 Designs

£ 19.99

Fantastic cake decorating tool.
Turns fondant icing into ropes.
20 interchangeable patterns.
Makes a range of sizes and shapes.
Professional-looking results .

Decora Decortwist Fondant Icing Shaper Extruder With 20 Designs

Product number: 32648

Creating ropes and strands of icing by hand is one of the hardest cake-decorating skills to master – they tend to end up thicker in some places, thinner in others, and break and fray where you least want them to. To solve this problem, Italian company Decora have come up with this clever Decortwist Fondant Icing Shaper, which lets you create consistent ropes in lots of different patterns, including really thin strands that would be almost impossible to make by hand.]

What you get

  • Decortwist tool – with an outer, flexible plastic tube and a screw that fits snugly inside and pushes the fondant icing out to create the ropes.
  • 20 interchangeable pattern discs – each with a different style, size or shape of perforation at the end, they slot onto the end of the tool and let you create 20 different kinds of icing ropes, from thicker twists to skinny strands. Shapes include round holes, semicircles, slots, squares, and multiple little holes to make icing ‘hair’.
  • Coupler ring – holds the pattern discs securely in place.

How it works

Using the handle at one end, fully insert the screw into the tube.

Pop the flat-topped cap on the end of the screw (this helps push the icing through consistently), and then retract the screw until just the end is inside the tube.

Knead a little glycerine into fondant icing to soften it, roll it into a sausage that will fit inside the empty tube, and carefully place it inside.

Slot your chosen pattern disc onto the end of the tube, and screw on the coupler ring to hold it in place.

Start turning the handle of the screw to start creating your icing rope – a quarter turn at a time to start. Once the rope stops, give it another quarter turn, and carry on turning until you’ve got the length of icing rope you need and it’s ready to add to your cake.

Easy to swap between shapes

As long as you want to carry on using the same colour of icing, it’s easy to create different styles – just remove the disc you’re using, and replace it with another.

Professional-standard results

Once you’ve got the hang of it – and there is a bit of a knack – you’ll find it so easy to use, and so much less frustrating than rolling and twisting (and breaking!) icing ropes by hand.


  • Dishwasher safe

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