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Crystal-Look Acrylic Jug with Lid

£ 16.99

Crystal look-a-like 2 litre acrylic jug with lid. Durable & shatter proof. Perfect for parties, picnics & outdoor entertaining. Matching pieces available.

Crystal-Look Acrylic Jug with Lid

Product number: 61551

When it’s full of wine or Pimm’s catching the sunlight on its cut-crystal-effect design as you dine outdoors, this Acrylic Jug looks for all the world like a really weighty and wallet-emptying piece of glassware – but, in reality, it’s a top-quality lightweight acrylic replica that had us all fooled when we saw it for the first time. With a lid to keep the contents contained and insects away, it will add a touch of sophistication to any outdoor gathering.

About the Crystal-Look Acrylic range

Offering the beauty of glass without being as delicate, it’s not until you pick up the expensive-looking ‘cut-crystal glassware’ in this Crystal-Look Acrylic Range that you’ll realise it’s actually made from durable, lightweight, shatter-resistant acrylic. With a tumbler, wine glass, flute and jug available, they’re perfect for adding a touch of class to any of your outdoor gatherings, and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the party too as you won’t need to hover around worrying about them coming a cropper on the patio.

Looks like expensive crystal glassware

With their retro-style classic cut-crystal design, these high-quality acrylic glasses offer a convincing likeness of the real thing and are so much nicer to drink from than plain old plastic cups and glasses. So you can leave your treasured expensive glassware safely locked away in the drinks cabinet – and you can even put these ones in there too and nobody will know – they’re that good!

A longer-lasting sparkle

Though they can go in the dishwasher, we recommend they be washed by hand to preserve their pristine ‘cut-crystal’ clarity.

BPA free.


  • Dishwasher safe

Product dimensions

2 litre.


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