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Cooling Rolling Pin

£ 14.99

Add water or ice to prevent pastry or icing sticking to this cool stainless steel rolling pin. Internal cavity is also perfect for storing dusting flour.

Cooling Rolling Pin

Product number: 32251

It’s a pain when pastry sticks to your rolling pin – you spend half your time patiently unpeeling it, giving up and rolling it out again – but you can fill this clever Cooling Rolling Pin with cold water or ice to help your pastry stay chilled and avoid sticky sensations.

Keeps pastry chilled and stops it sticking

With a smooth metal surface that makes it perfect for rolling out pastry, dough or icing, the hollow barrel means you can fill it with ice or water to keep both your pin and whatever you’re rolling cool – perfect if you’re working with pastry. Simply open the silicone bung at one end of the barrel and fill the large cavity with ice sticks or cold water, and it’ll cool down the metal, so your pastry won’t warm up or stick to the pin while you’re rolling out.

Cavity at one end to store flour for dusting

At the other end of the barrel there’s a smaller cavity that can be filled with flour or icing sugar for dusting, so you have an easily available supply while rolling out – great for when you’ve got sticky hands and don’t want to be fiddling around with flour bags. The plastic cover also has several small holes, so you just need to shake the pin to dust your worktop.

Easy-to-read measurements

If you need a circle of pastry to top a pie, or a rectangle of fondant to wrap round the side of a cake, it can be fiddly trying to measure it with a ruler. This pin is marked at either end with measurements in inches on one side and centimetres on the other, so you can see at a glance when it’s time to stop rolling.

Product dimensions

40cm L.


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