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Cooling Rack Duo

£ 12.99

Cooling Rack Duo will keep cakes, muffins & biscuits raised so they cool evenly. Made from non-stick carbon steel, the racks are a practical assistant for any baker.

Cooling Rack Duo

Product number: 70493

A mix and match Non-Stick Cooling Rack Duo that offers two sizes of raised racking to help busy bakers in the kitchen. Sturdily made from carbon steel with strong legs, each has a non-stick coating to ensure your tasty treats will lift off with ease.

Every home baker needs a cooling rack on hand for when their creations come out of the oven, because it helps air to circulate around just-baked cakes, muffins, biscuits and cookies when they’re hot out of the oven so they can cool evenly – and more quickly – especially if you have plans for decorating them. And if you’re baking for someone who’s fond of jam tarts, you don’t want the knave of hearts to steal your tasty treats off the windowsill as happens in story books of old…

With two sizes of cooling rack in this practical pair, you can be cooling a large cake and a biscuit assortment at the same time without worrying that you’ve not enough space.

These cooling racks make ideal platforms for decorating cakes with runny glazes, as the glaze won’t pool around the base of the cake, and we’ve heard of customers using them as trivets for defrosting items too, as air can get right around the frozen dish to help it thaw faster.

Set of 2 – 45 x 26cm and 26 x 23cm.

Product dimensions

45 x 26cm and 26 x 23cm.


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