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Compactor Vacuum Storage Tote Bag – 145L

£ 21.99

Compact, semi-rigid storage tote.
Compresses clothes and bedding.
Simple space-saving storage solution.
Easy to use: Pack – Zip – Vacuum.
Compatible with most vacuum cleaner nozzles.
145 litre.

Compactor Vacuum Storage Tote Bag – 145L

Product number: 63548

Perfect for utilising that narrow underbed space, this 145 Litre Compactor Vacuum Storage Tote will store seasonal clothes and bedding safely and keep them safe from dust bunnies at the same time. The ideal place to stash out-of-season clothing, bedlinen, cushions or pillows, it compresses your items into as a little as a quarter of their usual size.

About your Compactor Vacuum Tote

Reducing all sorts of bulky clothes, curtains, bedding and cushions by up to 75%, the Compactor semi-rigid vacuum tote makes it easy to store out-of-season clothes and bedding away without creating clutter in your cupboards. And, as they can be used again and again (at least 100 times with no change in performance) they’ll see you through many a year of summer and winter clothes storage.

Patented non-return valve

Strongly made 3D bag

Made from durable polymer with reinforced seams and cardboard panels to help it keep its shape, the outer zip tote has a strong nylon bag stitched inside with a top opening that makes it super easy to fill or empty. Once sealed and compressed, the inner bag will only allow air back in when the zip-seal is reopened.

Strong carry handles

Making it easy to carry it around your home, the tote bag has sturdy webbing handles on the sides.

How to use

Fill the inner bag with your belongings up to the height of the valve (it’s recommended to fold things neatly to avoid fabrics creasing too badly while stored) and use the included clip to seal the ‘zip’ fastening on the bag. Then simply vacuum the air out, clip the cinching straps over the top, close the outer bag and store it away. Simple.

Please note: it is not recommended to store delicate silk fabrics, wedding dresses, hats or shoes in vacuum totes.

145 litre. 50 x 65 x 15.5cm H.


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