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Cobb Premier Air Barbecue and Smoke Free Cobble Stones Bundle

£ 172.00

Versatile portable barbecue.
Easy-to-store cobblestones for your BBQ.
Smoke-free after 2 minutes, ready to cook after 7.
Pack of 6.
With a use-anywhere stay-cool base.
Dishwasher safe bowl, dome and grill.

Cobb Premier Air Barbecue and Smoke Free Cobble Stones Bundle

Product number: 63159

Cobb Premier Air Charcoal Barbecue Grill and Carry Bag

We’ll happily tell anyone who’ll listen that we’re huge fans of the Cobb barbecue. This incredibly versatile, revolutionary barbecue system has long allowed alfresco foodie enthusiasts to cook anything, anywhere, anytime… And now that the latest version – the Cobb Premier Air Barbecue Cooking System – has vents to adjust the air flow and temperature, you can have even more control over your outdoor cooking. It’s everything we already love about Cobb, and so much more.

Temperature control

We really didn’t think the Cobb could get much better (keep reading to find out why), but we’re delighted to have been proved wrong. As well as an improved mesh base for better air circulation, the Premier Air has adjustable air vents in the domed lid, just like many kettle barbecues, so you can adjust the flow of air and tailor the temperature to suit the food you’re cooking. Want those bacon rashers really crispy, or steaks sizzled in a flash? Open the vents fully to get the temperature nice and high. If you need a lower temperature to bake a fruit tart or slowly roast a joint of meat, just turn the (also improved for better grip) handle on the lid to reduce the size of the vents (or close them completely) and lower the temperature.

Versatile cooking

Hands down, the best thing about Cobb is its versatility. Giving you the freedom to cook in loads of different ways, it’s completely unlike an ordinary one-trick barbecue. The best way to think of it is as your on-the-go mini kitchen – once you and your Cobb become properly acquainted, you’ll be able to roast, smoke, bake, barbecue, fry, cook soups, stews, pasta and more, wherever you are in the Great Outdoors.

Cobb puts a whole world of alfresco feasts at your fingertips. You can cook a full English breakfast, joints of beef, lamb or pork, even pizzas and fresh bread. And because it keeps your food separate from the fuel, there’s no charring or fat-dripping flare-ups, so the results are not only delicious but healthier too.

Flavour-infused feasts

Another fantastic feature of the Cobb is the moat at the bottom of the bowl, which is perfect for infusing meat with flavour. Just fill with wine, beer or summery cider, and add seasoning to infuse roasts with melt-in-the-mouth succulence.

Goes anywhere

The base stays cool to the touch so you can stand it anywhere you like, from grass to picnic table to beach, making the Cobb Premier Air the perfect cooking companion for all forms of outdoor dining, from relaxing in the garden with your family to camping with friends. Weighing just 3.6kg the Cobb BBQ is lightweight and comes with its own long-handled carry bag to make transportation easy.


Cobb is incredibly fuel-efficient too. Eight to ten charcoal briquettes provide up to 3 hours’ cooking time, and one fast-heating Cobble Stone will give up to 2 hours’ cooking time – and get you ready to cook in just 7 minutes.

What’s included in your Cobb Premier Air?

From its stay-cool base to its temperature-controlling lid, every part of the Cobb Premier Air does its bit to ensure the best possible flame-grilled feast.

  • Vented dome lid – allows you to control the air flow and cooking temperature – close the vent for lower temperatures and longer cooking times, or open it full to cook at high temperature. The dome also locks in flavour and allows consistent cooking even on breezydays.
  • Non-stick grill – drains fat and oil into the moat for no flare-ups and healthier results.
  • Cooking bowl with moat – cook veg, or add wine, beer or cider to the moat to infuse meat with flavour.
  • Removable fire chamber and grid – made from stainless steel, the grid safely holds a Cobble Stone or briquettes with room for a fire lighter in the chamber underneath, and both are removable for easy cleaning.

The base and outer casing stay cool to the touch so you can cook on almost any surface.

Stainless steel.

Easy to clean

Stainless steel bowl, dome and non-stick grill are all dishwasher safe.

6 Cobb Smoke Free Barbecue Cobble Fuel Stones

Quick lighting, long burning and with minimum smoke, Cobb’s smoke-free cobblestones are ideal for a quick evening barbecue or entertaining friends and family at the weekend.

Unlike bulky bags of charcoal, Cobb’s small stones are easy to store for whenever you need them. Just put them in the cupboard or on a shelf in the garage until you need them. They are also incredibly efficient: just 1 stone will provide cooking heat in a Cobb BBQ for two whole hours.

When you decide to fire up the BBQ, Cobb’s fast-heating bricks of fuel are ready in a matter of minutes. Not only do they burn hotter than ordinary charcoal, there is no need for firelighters. Instead, the cobblestones are smoke-free after the first 2 minutes, and ready to cook in just 7 minutes, meaning you will be serving up deliciously grilled burgers, sausages and veg in no time at all!

Cobb’s small cobblestones are made from a combination of coconut shell, charcoal and corn starch, making use of a waste products that would otherwise be thrown out.

Although designed for use with Cobb’s own BBQ’s, these cobblestones are suitable for use on any small barbecue.

Please note: For outdoor use only. Burning charcoal fuel gives off carbon monoxide, a colourless, odourless gas that can kill. Never use your Cobb in any enclosed space, including vehicles or tents.


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