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Cobb Barbecue Roasting Rack

£ 18.99

Cobb Roasting Rack raises meat off the cooking surface for perfect roasting. Eliminates the need for turning meat on the BBQ. Stainless steel. 3 year guarantee.

Cobb Barbecue Roasting Rack

Product number: 51162

The essential accessory for your Cobb BBQ, the Roasting rack ensures perfectly roasted meat, fish and veg every time.

By lifting your food away from the cooking surface, the Roasting Rack allows heat to evenly reach every part of your chicken, shoulder or lamb or seafood. In doing so, the rack also eliminates the need for manually turning your food, leaving you time to sit back and relax while the BBQ does the hard work.

With a strong, stainless steel frame, the Cobb Roasting Rack can handle everything from a fish and vegetables, to heavier foods such as joints of beef and lamb. Robust and durable, the Roasting Rack will handle whatever you throw at it.

The perfect companion for your barbecuing endeavours, the stainless steel rack helps guarantees you get the most out of your Cobb Premier BBQ System, helping effortlessly roast your meat to juicy perfection.

Suitable for use with the Cobb Premier Barbecue System.

Product dimensions

28cm (11″) Dia.


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