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Cast Aluminium Ravioli Tray with Rolling Pin

£ 17.99

2-piece ravioli making kit. Makes it easy to create tasty pasta pockets. Just press, fill, cover and roll. Aluminium mould. Beechwood rolling pin.

Cast Aluminium Ravioli Tray with Rolling Pin

Product number: 73382

Enjoy freshly made ravioli with your favourite fillings whenever it takes your fancy with this Cast Aluminium Ravioli Making Set. Making it really easy to create tasty Italian-style pockets of deliciousness, it’s a foolproof way to turn out a dozen dinky pasta ravioli at a time – all you need to do is create the pasta sheets and choose what filling to go for… Will it be a mushroom medley, goat’s cheese, langoustine or a classic beef ragu? All the yummier for being homemade!

How it works

  • Lay a thin sheet of fresh pasta across the non-stick cast aluminium mould and press it gently into the circular indentations.
  • Spoon in your choice of filling and moisten the pasta around the edge of each little heap.
  • Cover with a second layer of pasta and roll firmly across the top to seal the edges.

In no time at all you’ve made a dozen perfectly square ravioli! The raised patterns around each square of the mould cut through the pasta layers to give each little parcel an authentically pinked edge, sealing the edges as you roll, so the filling will stay safely in the centre while the pasta cooks and right up until you cut into the tasty morsels. We think you’ll find it hard to stop at one dozen, they’re so easy to do!

In the kit

  • Cast aluminium ravioli tray
  • Small beechwood rolling pin

Product dimensions

Makes 12 ravioli, each approx. 52mm Sq. Mould 33cm x 11cm. Rolling pin 20cm W.


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