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Bona Microfibre Deep Clean Pad

£ 9.99

Bona Microfibre Deep Clean Pad easily lifts stubborn dirt with no need for scrubbing. More absorbent than the standard cleaning pad. Machine washable.

Bona Microfibre Deep Clean Pad

Product number: 25613

Shifting stubborn dirt with no need for scrubbing, you’ll be wowed like never before by the Bona Microfibre Deep Clean Pad. Working hand in hand with the Bona Spray Mop, it’ll get your floors clean and shiny without resorting to hard work and elbow grease.

Clean and Shiny Floors

Treat your floors to the star attention they deserve with a Bona Mop and the Microfibre Deep Clean Pad. The pad can be used on sealed and unsealed hardwood, laminate and French-polished floors, ceramic and quarry tiles, stone, slate, marble, vinyl and more to give the very best results.

Machine Washable Powerloop Microfibre

Designed with special Powerloop Technology, this microfibre pad works even harder to take the hassle out of cleaning. It collects dust and dirt just like the ordinary Bona Cleaning Pad, but because it has longer ‘scrubby’ fibres it’s even more absorbent, and even more efficient at lifting grime and grease with no need for vigorous scrubbing. Machine washable up to 60˚C, it can be washed up to 300 times.

Perfect Partners

A perfect partner for either of the Bona Spray Mop Kits, it’s particularly recommended for use with the Deep Clean Cartridge.

About Bona

Passionate about caring for floors, from hardwood and laminate, to parquet and tile, family-run company Bona are trusted by the most discerning floor care specialists who hail them as No. 1 in the industry. They’ve perfected a cleaning system that’s relied upon by countless heritage sites – including Westminster Abbey, The British Museum and many more – to protect their floors from the passing feet of thousands of visitors, so you can be certain you can trust Bona’s innovative range of spray mops and cleaning solutions to give your home beautiful results with every use.

*Removes 99% of E. coli and Listeria from ceramic flooring when using the Bona OxyPower Microfiber Deep Clean Pad with Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner, Bona OxyPower Hard-Surface Floor Deep Cleaner or water; Tested at an independent accredited lab.

Product dimensions

45 x 13cm.


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