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Bissell PowerClean Carpet Cleaner

£ 149.99

Lightweight, powerful carpet cleaner.
Motorised brush for deep cleaning.
Twice as powerful as Bissell’s lightest cleaner.
Clean and dirty water tanks.
25.5 x 36 x 109cm H. 5.6kg.

Bissell PowerClean Carpet Cleaner

Product number: 46403

Of course carpets get dirty – there’s no avoiding that. But giving them a proper clean when they do inevitably get grubby needn’t be stressful. The Bissell PowerClean Carpet Cleaner makes it easy to give your carpets the deep clean they sometimes need, eliminating the dirt and grime that many other vacuum cleaners can’t seem to disturb.

What’s in the box

  • Motorised brush roll
  • Removable floor nozzle
  • 236ml bottle of Wash & Protect Pro

DeepReach PowerBrush

The 4-row motorised DeepReach PowerBrush removes everyday dirt with ease, sucking up spills and stains like nobody’s business to get your carpets looking like they were laid yesterday. Lightweight and compact, the Bissell PowerClean is twice as powerful as Bissell’s lightest carpet cleaner and perfect for smaller households.

Two-tank technology

Two-tank technology means that you’re only ever using clean water and cleaning solution from the 2.36 litre clean water tank, while the horrible stuff gets sucked into the 1.72 litre dirty water tank, meaning the carpet is never exposed to the mucky water, so there’s no chance of leaving any dark, damp marks behind.

Easy maintenance

Once your carpets are looking like new, emptying and maintaining the Bissell PowerClean is straightforward – simply remove the carpet brush roll and nozzle, empty the dirty water from the tank and rinse both thoroughly, before drying and reattaching.

About Bissell

Since 1876, Bissell have been producing innovative products to help us better take care of the homes we live in. Originally famed for their iconic line of carpet sweepers, Bissell’s expansion into other areas of cleaning have made deep cleaning carpets, floors and upholstery, which was once the exclusive domain of commercial cleaners, available to everyone.


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Product dimensions

Clean water tank 2.36 litre. Dirty water tank 1.72 litre. 25.5 x 36 x 109cm H. 5.6kg. Flex 6m. 600W.


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