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Beurer LS20 Eco Luggage Scale Works Without Batteries

£ 22.99

Compact, easy-to-use luggage scale.
Helps avoid baggage charges.
Dynamo powered – no batteries needed.
Clear LED display .
Weighs up to 50kg .
5-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Beurer LS20 Eco Luggage Scale Works Without Batteries

Product number: 62606

It’s holiday time, woohoo! But that happy holiday vibe can quickly dissipate at check-in when you find out your case is just over the weight limit (awkwardly standing on the scales with your case not giving you the accurate result you’d hoped for!), and you face either the prospect of extortionate fees or having to lose one of your holiday essentials…

An invaluable aid for anyone heading to the airport, Beurer’s super-handy, compact and battery-free Rechargeable Luggage Scale weighs cases, bags and more up to 50kg and has a strong strap and large, easy-to-read LED display, and makes it incredibly easy to weigh your luggage at home or abroad.

No batteries needed

This handy helper will never let you down by running out of juice as it’s dynamo powered, so all you need to do to get it working is press the green button a few times. Which is not only convenient for you, but great for the environment too, as there’s no electricity-sapping charging involved or batteries to dispose of.

Easy to use

To charge it up, press the green button at one end a few times and it’ll automatically turn on. Then simply fasten the strap around the handle of the bag you’re wanting to weigh and lift the scale, holding it horizontally. When the screen displays the word ‘HOLD’, lower it back down – the weight displayed is the weight of your suitcase, and it will stay on the screen for about a minute before automatically turning off, giving you plenty of time to check you’re within your allowance. Weighing up to an impressive 50kg, it can handle the heftiest of suitcases. And if you’d rather weigh in imperial rather than metric measurements, you can change the unit between kg and lb by holding the unit button down for 2 seconds.

Compact and lightweight

Slim and lightweight (just 94g), it’s perfect for adding to your luggage so you can check that your souvenirs and gifts haven’t taken you over the weight limit when you’re heading home – it’s where we all get caught out!

5-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

About Beurer

A company that specialises in improving our well-being, Beurer was founded back in 1919, when Käthe Beurer and her husband Eugen started making and selling electrically operated personal heat pads from the bedroom of their own home. A century on, this global company is headed by their great-grandson, Marco Bühler, and still makes electric heat pads… but it also produces a huge array of other products, from baby care and beauty products to dehumidifiers.

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