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Bathroom WipeOut 365 Anti-Bac Liquid Guard Invisible Germ Barrier Kit

£ 19.99

Fight the invisible battle against bacteria with this antimicrobial shield. Kills 99.9% of bacteria. Effective for up to 12 months. Helps prevent the spread of germs.

Bathroom WipeOut 365 Anti-Bac Liquid Guard Invisible Germ Barrier Kit

Product number: 46236

You can’t avoid them – germs are everywhere, and try as we might, we can’t help our hands coming into contact with them on door handles, taps, toilet seats, flushes and shower trays. Fighting the invisible battle against bacteria can feel like a futile task at times as, although unseen, they spread faster than we can kill them, and can become immune to some antibacterial cleaners. Enter Bathroom WipeOut 365 Anti-Bac Liquid Guard – the invisible antimicrobial shield that kills 99.9% of bacteria on contact and remains effective for up to 12 months.

Powered by Liquid Guard® anti-bac technology, this truly revolutionary two-step treatment creates a year-long protective barrier on hard surfaces, destroying bacteria and preventing the spread of germs and illnesses through contact with the hard surfaces we touch most often, like drawer handles, light switches, phone cases and touchscreens, silently doing its bit to keep you and your family happy and healthy.

What’s in the box

  • 1 x 30ml bottle of cleaning and primer fluid.
  • 1 x 30ml bottle of Wipe-Out 365 antibacterial coating treatment.
  • 1 x pair of PVC gloves.
  • 4 x biodegradable application cloths.
  • Instruction sheet.

How it works – the science bit

Have we mentioned that this formula is revolutionary? When we were first told about this product, it sounded like magic – an invisible barrier against germs that doesn’t wash away? – but when we discovered the science behind it, we realised just how clever it really is.

The overuse of standard antibacterial wipes and sprays can actually perpetuate the problem of bacteria, as they can mutate and multiply after becoming immune to the cleaner. WipeOut avoids this by creating a protective film containing micro ‘blades’ that puncture the cell walls of bacteria on contact, killing them instantly, preventing them from multiplying and providing continuous protection for up to 365 days.

How to use

  • Step one: Put on the protective gloves and use an application cloth to apply the cleaner and primer to the surface you’re treating, ensuring the surface is evenly covered. Leave for 5 minutes before applying the antibacterial coating.
  • Step two: Use a new application cloth to apply the antibacterial coating, ensuring an even application. Leave to dry for 2 minutes and buff with the same cloth you applied the solution with, until all visible streaks disappear.

To make the treatment last all year, all you need to do is avoid abrasive cleaning products: after all, with WipeOut working its magic, you won’t need them!

Multiple uses

  • Kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria like MRSA, E-coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Staphylococcus and Streptococcus.
  • Prevents the spread of bacterial infections through contact with doorknobs, light switches, taps etc.
  • Use on bathroom surfaces like sinks, baths, tiles and toilets to prevent mould and fungal growth.
  • Use on shower trays, baths and saunas to provide protection against some fungal infections.
  • Prevents odours caused by bathroom microbes.
  • Protects surfaces by preventing micro-scratches.

Easy cleaning

The invisible-to-the-eye coating on treated surfaces not only kills off bacteria, it also reduces limescale build-up and makes it easier to wipe surfaces clean, so soap residue and limescale are removed with minimum effort and without the need for harsh chemical cleaners.


  • Environmental hazard

Product dimensions

30ml cleaner and primer, and 30ml antibacterial coating treatment. Kit covers approx. 3-4m².

Useful documents

  • description Ingredients / Allergens (PDF)

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