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Barista & Co Twist Press Espresso Coffee Maker

£ 29.99

Hand-powered portable coffee maker.
Simply twist to press coffee into cup.
Produces a strong espresso-style shot.
Filter creates a clean, sediment-free coffee.
Includes 100 paper coffee filters.
200ml, 15 x 8 x 10cm H.

Barista & Co Twist Press Espresso Coffee Maker

Product number: 62377

A must-have gadget for serious coffee lovers, the Barista & Co Twist Press has been designed to revolutionise coffee making. Giving you full control over the strength and taste of your drink, and featuring a twist-motion filtration system, this unique person-powered coffee compressor allows you to make high quality, fresh brew in as little as 30 seconds, all without a machine. All you need to do is hold it over your mug, twist the handles and then enjoy your brew!

Effortless, controlled twist motion

The innovative hand-powered Twist Press features a patent-pending twist-motion design that gives you full control of the press speed and aids an even extraction; this allows for incredibly quick brewing and produces a smooth, rich coffee every time, with very little effort.

Clean, sediment-free coffee

Consisting of three parts – a filter handle, a helix chamber and a plunger – this clever coffee device works by twisting the two handles together so a concentrated pocket of air presses hot water downwards through the chamber, rapidly immersing and extracting freshly ground coffee before pushing a super-clean brew through a paper filter disc and into your cup. This filtration system also stops any oily sediment or fines (coffee particles) coming through to your drink, so the coffee is ultra-clean, rich and smooth.

Brew the perfect cup

Creating a strong coffee concentrate, just like an espresso shot in a coffee shop, it’s perfect for making the base for any coffee drink – just add water for a longer coffee or milk for your favourite latte or cappuccino. The rapid brew method means it’s really easy to make an amazing cup of coffee in as little as 30 seconds, or you can let it brew for two minutes for a stronger coffee, making it really versatile.

Inverted brewing

The unique design of the Twist Press makes the inverted (or upside down) brewing method easier than ever and prevents any unwanted messy dripping, while brewing a small, stronger coffee portion.

Attractive design

Made from polypropylene, silicone and BPA-free Tritan, and heat resistant up to 160°C, it has been finished with contrasting matt and gloss black surfaces, so it isn’t just clever, it’s good-looking too.

How to use

Place a paper filter disc into the filter handle and pop on top of your mug. Pre-wet the filter and attach the helix chamber, then add 15g of coffee and 200ml of boiling water. Insert the plunger on top of the chamber, so it creates a seal. Leave to brew, or plunge straight away, twisting both handles together. Remove the Twist Press from your mug, then top up the coffee concentrate with water and enjoy.

Simple and easy to clean

Once you’ve made your coffee, simply bin the used coffee grounds, give it a rinse through and it’s ready to brew again – it can even go into the dishwasher, too.

Great on the go

The lightweight and compact design of the Twist Press means it’s easy to store and carry around with you, so it’s ideal for taking to the office, outdoors or even when travelling. The perfect travel buddy for connoisseurs on the go, it even has small storage compartment that holds 50g of ground coffee – enough for three servings – so you can enjoy great freshly brewed coffee whenever and wherever you like, and it comes with 100 premium paper filter discs, so you can starting brewing straight away.

200ml. 15 x 8 x 10cm H.


  • Dishwasher safe

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