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Barista & Co. OneBrew One-Cup Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser 350ml

£ 21.99

One-cup coffee maker
For mess-free coffee-brewing.
Innovative filter design.
Also suitable for tea infusing.
Easy to clean.

Barista & Co. OneBrew One-Cup Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser 350ml

Product number: 62375

No press, no mess! If you love coffee from a cafetière but want to avoid the spills and splashes that the plunger can send all over the countertop – and the tricky task of cleaning out used grounds – Barista & Co.’s elegant OneBrew is the perfect solution, and it makes a fantastic gift too.

No-press, no-mess design

This cleverly designed coffee maker features an innovative, patent-pending filter lid that makes it easy to prepare your coffee, dispose of the leftover grounds and to clean it afterwards. The ultra-fine stainless steel filter ensures fewer coffee grounds end up in your coffee, while the lid will pivot up ever so slightly as it brews to release trapped air pressure and aid consistent pouring.

By removing the traditional press component, there’s less mess all round – you don’t have to worry about cleaning a fiddly press, or the contents spilling over the top when pressing the plunger, and you can enjoy a lovely brew in no time at all.

Coffee or tea for one

Designed to be the ideal size for one large mug of coffee, it means there’s no need to dirty a larger coffee press for just one drink, and no wasting precious grounds. The small size means it’s great for using at your desk, at home, on holiday or anywhere else. It can be used to make cold press coffee, and can also be used to brew a cup of tea – simply spoon in your favourite leaves, allow to brew and enjoy.

Easy to use

It’s so simple to use, too. Just add 15g of your chosen coarse-ground coffee to the beaker, pour in hot water to the fill line, stir and replace the filter lid in the correct position. Allow to brew for 4 minutes or your desired brew time, then slowly pour the coffee through the filter into a warmed cup – this allows the grounds to fall to the bottom and prevents the filter clogging.

Easy to clean

The clever filter makes cleaning up a doddle – when you’ve finished your coffee, fill the beaker with clean water to loosen the used grounds, then pour it into the filter over a sink, allowing the filter to catch the grounds. Then tip the grounds into the bin, and either wash the filter and beaker by hand or pop them in the dishwasher. The quick-clean design also means you can easily rinse the OneBrew and then make a fresh brew without cleaning it fully.

Pretty and practical

With its sleek, contemporary design, this smart little black and clear glass coffee maker won’t look out of place on any worktop, table or desk and is easy to store when not in use. The BPA-free borosilicate glass beaker is durable and heat-resistant up to 300°C, and has a maximum fill line to ensure you don’t overfill it or spill your coffee when inserting the filter lid, while the heat-resistant, non-slip silicone base helps protect your surfaces and stops it sliding around on a wet surface.
Part of the Barista & Co. coffee range, which is specially designed to help you make the best possible brew.

350ml. 9.5 x 6.5 x 15.5cm H.


  • Dishwasher safe

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