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Bake-and-Build 3D Giraffe Cookie Cutter

£ 4.99

Bake and build a 3D cookie giraffe with this easy-to-use, one-press cutter. Bake then assemble the pieces. A fun family baking project. Cutter 23.5 x 30cm.

Bake-and-Build 3D Giraffe Cookie Cutter

Product number: 32375

Do you want to bake and build a cookie giraffe? Well, you might not, but we know lots of little kitchen ‘helpers’ who’d love to make their very own long-legged, stretchy-necked cute cookie creature, and our 3D Giraffe Cookie Cutter can help make their crunchy, munchy dreams come true.

Easy-to-use, one-press cutter

Rather than having to store (and probably lose) nine individual cutters, you get a single, large one that cuts out all the pieces in one go. Just dust your work surface, then roll out gingerbread or cookie dough – it needs to be quite thin so it doesn’t spread too much when it bakes, as this will make it harder to slot the finished pieces together. Then place the cutter over the top, press down evenly all over the surface, and lift up. You might have to use a decorating tool to gently remove the dough from the cutter, but you’ll end up with nine detailed shapes ready to be transferred to a baking tray.

Bake, build and decorate

Once the pieces of your giraffe have baked and cooled, you can decorate them with some yellow-on-the-bottom, brown-bits-on-the-top icing. Then simply slot them together to create your taller-than-them-all animal, ready to stride majestically across the African plains – or your kitchen countertop. All that’s left to do after that is persuade everyone that they want to eat it, rather than play with it!
And if they love this, there are 3D Lion and Elephant Cutters available too, so you can create a mouth-watering menagerie.

Full step-by-steps included.


  • Dishwasher safe

Product dimensions

Cutter 30 x 23.5cm. Makes a giraffe approx. 24cm H.


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