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Anniversary House Iridescent White Number 0 Candle

£ 0.49

Iridescent, glittery candle.
Shaped like a zero.
Ideal for birthdays and anniversaries.
Integral pick for positioning.
Candle 7cm tall.
8 minutes’ burn time.

Anniversary House Iridescent White Number 0 Candle

Product number: 32181

Perfect for adding zeros to milestone birthdays and anniversaries, this Iridescent Number 0 Candle from Anniversary House will look fabulous atop any colour of icing or buttercream.
Made from high-quality wax, with an in-built plastic pick to help it stand proudly atop your bake, this sparkly white candle is perfect for a birthday celebration, anniversary or notable milestone event. It can be combined with the matching numbers in the range to cover every possible eventuality – whether you’re celebrating a centenarian’s birthday, congratulating a work colleague for long service, or totting up miles run in training for a triathlon!

If you’d like to keep the number for another time, you can trim the wick and just present it as a really beautiful shimmery cake topper.

Total burn time, 8 minutes – more than enough for a rendition of ‘happy birthday’ or other celebratory ditty.

About Anniversary House

Founded in 1953, Anniversary House specialise in crafting handmade, edible sugarcraft cake toppers, as well as reusable, reliably sturdy resin models, cake ribbons, and candles of every size and shape with food-safe picks to set them into cakes and icing… In fact, they’ve thought of everything you might need to finish off a perfectly presented celebration bake.

Product dimensions

Candle 7cm H.


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