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Acetate Roll for Cakes and Chocolate Work 10m x 4cm

£ 4.99

Strong and flexible clear acetate roll.
Create dessert moulds in any shape.
Perfect for mousse cakes.
Supports the sides of soft layer cakes.
Ideal for chocolate work.
10m x 4cm .

Acetate Roll for Cakes and Chocolate Work 10m x 4cm

Product number: 32218

Ever watched professional chefs on telly create spectacular soft desserts and mini patisserie, and wanted to have a go? With our Acetate Roll, it’s easy to make your own amazing mousse cakes, cheesecakes and layered desserts, as well as create beautiful cake collars and pretty decorative chocolate work to finish them off too.

Create moulds in any shape

Made from food-grade material, this 10m roll of clear acetate has a smooth surface and is flexible enough to create all kinds of shapes, from rings and cylinders to hearts and spirals. It’s strong enough to support the sides of a delicate mousse cake while it sets and is soft enough to be peeled off easily without damaging your dessert, leaving crisp, clean edges for a professional finish. It’s also ideal for lining moulds, tins or flan rings for perfectly turned out mousses and the construction of set desserts. And it can also withstand temperatures from below 0°C up to 60°C and is fridge safe. Simply cut off the amount you need, create your desired shape and you’re ready to go.

Endless possibilities

Create a few small simple cylinders to fill with a delicious chocolate mousse for individual desserts, or if you’re feeling really ambitious, why not try a large multi-layered pud, with layers of different flavoured mousse, sponge and jelly! Simply make an acetate ring and start with a base layer of sponge cake or biscuit, add a layer of mousse and chill, then repeat with the next layer and slowly build up your dessert – because the acetate is clear, it’s easy to keep an eye on the neatness of each level as you go along.

Great for chocolate work

Just the thing for chocolate work, this acetate helps you to create tempered chocolate circles, rings, curls, twists and bows, as well as chocolate shards, squares and rectangles for decorating all kinds of desserts and mini patisserie. Just melt and temper your chocolate, paint it onto the acetate, bend into the shape you desire and allow to cool completely – then carefully remove the acetate to reveal your chosen design. The shiny surface of the acetate also leaves a beautiful high sheen on tempered chocolate when it’s removed.

You can even fashion a beautiful cake collar for all cake sizes: paint your chocolate pattern onto the acetate (a mixture of white and dark chocolate swirls would look lovely), then wrap the sheet securely around the cake, leave the chocolate to cool and then carefully peel off the acetate to leave your beautifully finished cake.


  • Non-stick friendly

Product dimensions

10m x 4cm.


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